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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Northamptonshire

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Northamptonshire

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Northamptonshire

Are you looking for local addiction treatment services in Northamptonshire? Rehab in Northamptonshire offers the space and care you need to recover from addiction providing state of the art facilities.

Rehab in an inpatient setting is the most effective way of recovering from substance misuse. Alongside detox, counselling, and holistic rehabilitation, the Northamptonshire rehab offers a long-term recuperation plan to prevent relapses. This rehab provides a peaceful and relaxing setting to help you rehabilitate and find a new path for yourself free from addiction.

What are the stages of rehab?

Inpatient rehab consists of three main parts: detox, followed by a program of psychological therapy and holistic treatment and ending with long-term recovery and aftercare. Detoxing is almost always the first step; the only exception is if you have already done a detox before entering rehab. Removing all the toxins from the substance you are addicted to is needed before you can recover. There is no option to continue and reduce your intake; once you are addicted, you lose control over this situation. Fortunately, modern medical detox is a more comfortable and rejuvenating experience than you might expect. A combination of prescription medications, rest and relaxation and a health-restoring nutrition plan work together to give you a head start on your journey.

Once you feel physically better, it is time to deal with the psychological issues that have led you to substance abuse. You rarely have a simple chemical addiction, and for most, it takes time and therapy to overcome the psychological and habitual compulsions. Rehab is a safe place to explore these challenges. The Northamptonshire rehab provides one-on-one sessions and group therapy and family counselling to help you heal body and mind. Dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health concerns is common. Using C.B.T. (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), a type of exploratory talking used throughout the mental health sector. You can deal with both substance abuse and any contributing factors.

The final step of rehab is the longest and most crucial, staying clean and sober long-term. The staff at the Northamptonshire rehab will help you create a post-rehab plan to keep you on track. This will include local support groups such as the A.A. or N.A. (Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous) or recovery cafes. These groups are proven to help by giving you a new community, reducing isolation, and eventually providing a new purpose in helping others. Your plan may also include continued counselling and your support network of friends or family. This plan will reflect you as a person and your rehab experience.

How long can a patient stay in rehab?

Usually, you will stay in rehab for a month or more. While this might seem like a long time, it is the minimum needed to detox and address the underlying issues behind your substance misuse. Shorter stays may seem less expensive and more manageable in taking time off work, but they are not the best investment. Statistics suggest that spending less than a month in rehab leads to a much higher number of relapses.

Rehab costs in Northamptonshire

Rehab costs vary enormously depending on where they are, what accommodation and facilities are available, and the holistic rehabilitation offered. For example, a rehab with a private gym and pool will be more expensive, but if you are happy to share a room and use local facilities, you can stay on a budget. Private inpatient rehab usually costs £2000 to 10,000 a week, although this reduces, sometimes by up to half, after the first month.

It is worth exploring all of your financial options for inpatient rehab. You may find that family, friends or even your employer are able, even keen, to help you. Even if it is only a partial contribution, it is well worth seeking help to pay for inpatient rehab over outpatient community rehab. The success rate of inpatient rehab is much higher than outpatient.

Free rehab in Northamptonshire

For many paying for private inpatient rehab is not possible. You should apply to your G.P. for a public-funded place in an inpatient facility. It is always worth trying. In the meantime, you must receive help and stop using alcohol and drugs. The G.P. will offer advice and detox prescriptions or a referral to a group that can provide this. Ask friends or family that you trust and support your new life to help by staying or visiting. They can help with primary care such as food, shopping, cleaning that can be draining during detox. If you need free drug and alcohol rehab, Northamptonshire has a few groups that can help free of charge.

Substance to Solution Spring House, 39 Billing Rd, Northampton NN1 5BA  01604 211304

Working in association with Change Grow Live, this is an N.H.S. trust that can help with counselling, health plans and prescriptions for medical detox. Health assessments and family sessions are also available on a need basis.

Bridge Substance Misuse Programme 63c Gold St, Northampton NN1 1RA 01604 621259

A charity group based in Northampton Bridge offers addiction support through a mentoring programme. A volunteer will help you during detox and throughout your rehab. They also provide abstinent activities and social groups as well as holistic therapies.

Rehab Admissions

There are many factors to consider when you are choosing a rehab in Northamptonshire. Our experienced counsellors can offer an overview of the rehab in the area and find one suited to your needs and budget. We have rehab experts, addiction counsellors and interventionists available to help you. We offer advice, referrals and help convince a loved one to accept help and agree to rehab admission. Call us on 02072052845 for help starting your rehab and journey.

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