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Alcohol Rehab Treatment Northamptonshire

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Northamptonshire

Author: Fiona Kennedy

We Can Offer Many Alcohol Rehab Centres in Northamptonshire

Rehab Guide can provide you with expert advice regarding alcohol rehab Northamptonshire and the rehab admission and program options. Choosing to deal with an addiction can be a long thought out decision or a matter of urgency for many people.

Whatever you or a loved one’s situation is, the alcohol rehab Northamptonshire works tirelessly to provide their residents with not only the best addiction treatments available but a high standard of service and care during their stay. The luxury rehab clinic is fully self-contained offering privacy and peace to its residents during their recovery. The ample relaxation and fitness facilities will keep residents comfortable and well-occupied while they rest and undergo their treatment.

Alcohol detox and rehab treatments

Whether arrival is an urgent admission or arranged well in advance the first step will be taking the client off the addictive substance. The alcohol rehab Northamptonshire operates with a doctor trained in detoxification through prescription medications. Prescription detox is widely agreed to be the most comfortable and effective way of managing withdrawal symptoms for alcohol and drugs. During the detox period, residents may also be provided with holistic therapies and a special nutritious diet to help their body recover from the effects of a long-term drug or alcohol addiction.

Once the challenge of detoxing from drugs or alcohol is complete residents will start on one of the most important journeys, back to health and happiness. The first step in this journey is sharing the burdens of your addiction with others. Spending group sessions with other people suffering from addiction provides the support and feeling of not being alone that often holds people back from seeking treatment. Individual counselling is also available to help those undergoing rehabilitation to explore their often highly personal reasons and concerns for their substance addiction.

During the often month-long process of rehabilitation from drug or alcohol addiction, many residents also take the opportunity to work on their physical and mental health. After escaping from the burden of addiction, many people find that they have been neglecting their body and its needs. Working on nutrition and taking part in light exercise activities such as yoga and tai chi can help with both mental and physical health. Mindfulness and meditation have also been shown to improve the lives of those suffering from addiction and help prevent relapse. The centre also benefits from its own fitness suite with a gym and an indoor swimming pool and infrared sauna. Infrared has been shown to help with the effects of withdrawal as well as general health.

Staying in the alcohol rehab Northamptonshire

Comfort and service are the pride and joy of the Northamptonshire rehab and its staff. The rooms are all well-appointed with comfort and luxury in mind. All are single rooms for the privacy of its residents, and there are several luxury rooms with their own private facilities for those who prefer not to share. Despite having only private rooms, there is always plenty of opportunities to socialise and spend time with others in the Northamptonshire rehab.

The lounging areas and group dining area provide an opportunity to escape the often isolating effects of addiction and share your experience and goals with others in the same situation. Meals are usually taken together with other residents but are prepared by the team of in-house chefs, with any individual dietary requirements or nutritional needs in mind.

Outside connections and returning home

The reasons for struggling with addiction are many and varied and can be both internal and external. For some, their environment outside of rehab can be a contributing factor. Therefore, in conjunction with their counsellors, residents can discuss what outside influences they do and do not want to be exposed to during their stay. For many, the support and involvement of family and loved ones is a boost to their recovery and visits, and family sessions can be highly beneficial. Whatever choice a resident makes in this regard, Rehab Guide and the staff at the alcohol rehab Northamptonshire will be on-hand to offer expert advice and assistance.

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