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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Wiltshire

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Wiltshire

Guidance for drug and alcohol addiction in Wiltshire

If you are trying to find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab the Wiltshire clinic provides treatment for a range of substance addictions. The rehab in Wiltshire is fully residential and offers therapy in-house, including holistic programmes and comprehensive aftercare.

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There is also a medical detox doctor available to provide prescriptions and 24-hour care from experienced staff. The area is the perfect rural retreat from a hectic addiction fuelled lifestyle. It is central to many larger surrounding towns such as Bristol and Southampton, with easy transport links for friends and family to visit during your time in rehab.

What are the stages of rehab?

You may have some ideas about what rehab is like and what happens there. Many of the images portrayed by the media are accurate; for example, the rehab in Wiltshire is entirely abstinent, and no alcohol or drugs is permitted inside. You will take part in group therapy, and there will be medical staff on hand to help you with medications. The detox process is one many have preconceptions about; the idea that it will be physically and mentally uncomfortable is not accurate for modern medical detox.

A prescription from the rehab detox doctor will help manage the symptoms of withdrawal and help you rest and relax during this time. You will spend the first few days regaining your strength and ridding your body of chemical dependence. Once this is complete, you will feel free of the physical need to take alcohol and drugs. You can then begin the next stage of rehab, psychological therapy.

How does rehab work?

The next step is rehab therapy, it will help you discover and recover from the underlying issues with drugs and alcohol. Entirely chemical addiction is extremely rare and for most, working out why you started abusing substances is the only way to stay clean and sober long-term. C.B.T. (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is a talking therapy used in many areas of mental health recovery. This is widely used in addiction treatment because of the focus on breaking the pattern of negative thoughts and feelings. The idea is that these patterns can be changed into more positive ways of thinking, leading to a happier life and focusing on the future. Combined with holistic programmes to help you discover new interests and taking care of yourself physically, this puts you on a more positive trajectory.

The rehab in Wiltshire will guide and support you from detox through treatment and into recovery, the final and longest stage of rehab. The goal is for this step to last for the rest of your life. Lifelong abstinence and freedom from addiction are hard-won, and the rehab will support you on an ongoing basis for a year after you leave. Experience suggests that this is the riskiest time for relapse and the period where you will need the most assistance. After a year, most find they have developed new habits and routines and a robust support network of friends, family and addiction recovery groups.

How long can a patient stay in rehab?

The length of rehab depends on the substance you are addicted to, whether you have any underlying mental health conditions and how long you have been struggling with addiction. We recommend at least a month’s stay although many need several months to be ready. The first week or two will be spent on detoxing and recovering from the physical damage done to your body. Sometimes residents feel after detox that they are ready to return home as the withdrawal period is over. Sadly, skipping therapy and the recovery program often leads to returning to rehab again, often several times. The chances of relapse are much higher for those who leave straight after their detox. It is better to invest the time and effort in a more extended stay than return several times.

The cost of rehab

When choosing a rehab, the cost will likely be a factor. Inpatient rehab is not ordinarily available from the N.H.S. as spaces are limited and means-tested. Private rehab ranges enormously in price from £2000 a week for a budget centre to £10,000 or more for luxury rehab in high demand areas such as London. There is also rehab available between these prices. They are abundant, meaning you can mix and match to find precisely what facilities, accommodation, and location you want within your budget—telling our team your situation regarding what you need to be treated for, where you want to be. Your financial options will allow them to recommend as close to perfect rehab as there is.

Free rehab

Sometimes paying for rehab isn’t an option. For many, addiction has devastated their finances. If you cannot afford inpatient rehab and cannot find financial support from family or friends, you should seek outpatient rehab as soon as possible. It is best to replicate the conditions of inpatient rehab as closely as possible. Remove all temptation by keeping no drugs or alcohol at home and consider asking a friend or family member to keep you on track. They could even come and stay with you if they are happy to be abstinent during their stay. This prevents isolation and offers care and safety while you detox. Contact your G.P. or a local addiction charity for help with a medical detox prescription and local meetings. Many free addiction groups offer counselling, rehab courses and family therapy. The great news is, for those looking for free drug and alcohol rehab, Wiltshire has several groups that can help you.

Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service Arch House, 12 Palmer Street, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1DS 0300 303 8788

A local group close to Wiltshire, this organisation provides prescriptions, rehab therapy one to one and in groups and interventions.

Motiv8 Wiltshire Council County Hall By the sea Road BA14 8JN 08001696136

A group for young people struggling with drug or alcohol misuse and their families. They offer access to medical support, offer advice and advocate on your behalf to your family or educators.

How do I choose a rehab centre?

You may have spoken to a few rehabs in your desired area only to be told they don’t offer treatment for the substance you or a loved one are addicted to or that they are out of your price range. This can be frustrating, and you mustn’t give up. You’ve made the most significant step already.

Please reach out to us on 02072052845 for advice and recommendations on which rehab to choose and how to convince someone you care about to enter rehab and accept they have a problem.

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