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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Rochdale

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Rochdale

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Rochdale

Our chosen Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Clinic in Rochdale caters for those suffering Substance abuse, Opiate addiction and Benzodiazepine misuse. Both Primary and Secondary Care Programmes are available.

Our clinic in Rochdale has a 9-bed Detox facility, after which guests will move to the 29-bed Treatment House. It is here that guests will receive the majority of their Therapeutic treatment. The Treatment House is a complete drug and alcohol-free environment, as admittance is only after the medical detox is over. In order to fully evaluate their relationship with drugs or alcohol, a completely substance-free environment is vital.The Location:

The Clinic is very close to Manchester and incorporates everything necessary for the therapeutic process. A full time Chef is on hand, preparing meals designed specifically to improve the all-round health of the guests. All dietary requirements can be met, including vegetarian and Halal.

Treatment programme

Upon Admission, the clinics own General Practitioners give guests a full Medical Assessment and prescribe a Medical Detox if necessary. Detoxification takes place in the clinics 9-bed facility. Alongside the detoxification process, the clinic provides dietary supplementation to compliment and accentuate the detox process.

The Clinic operates a modified version of the internationally recognised 12 Step Treatment programme, designed to help addicts and alcoholics gain an awareness and understanding of their situation and dependency issues. The 12 Step model is designed for people to implement throughout their lives, and so the Clinic takes its guests through the first 5 Steps and supports them as they continue their journey into Recovery.

Various modules of the Programme focus the addict or alcoholic on specific aspects of their life ‘in’ addiction. For example, the Beyond Addiction module focusses on the way addictive behaviour filters into other aspects of life, the Communication Skills module improves inter-personal relationship skills which will be essential for a creative life of Sobriety.

The Clinic provides a 12 Week structured therapeutic programme. This includes 24 hour nursing and support cover for the entire stay.

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