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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Luton

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Luton

Drugs and alcohol can ruin your life. Ask anyone who has struggled with drug addiction, and they’ll likely tell you the same thing. Drugs and alcohol will burn through your finances, destroy your relationships, and ruin your health. It’s important you seek help at an alcohol and drug rehab Luton today.

Why should you seek out an alcohol and drug rehab Luton?

First off, it’s important you understand that recovering outside of a rehab centre or medical facility of any kind is highly risky. Most facilities offer two types of services – inpatient and outpatient care.

Inpatient care will always be our recommended care of choice. It allows for a patient to move into a rehab centre and fully immerse themselves within that environment for the entirety of their rehabilitation. This will cut off outside triggers and will greatly increase their chances of recovery.

When it comes to outpatient care patients will receive treatment during the day, but are allowed to go home at night. Outpatient care is often convenient for those who have responsibilities that require their constant attention. For example, patients who work or go to school may not be able to check themselves into an inpatient care facility.

With that being said, outpatient care can be risky because the patient can still access illicit substances when they go home. If you’re serious about your recovery, you should seek out inpatient care as soon as possible.

Finding the right drug or alcohol rehab centre in Luton

Your first step is to commit to the idea that you want to recover. This will give you the resolve to continue your recovery no matter how tough it gets for you. Second, you need to find a drug or alcohol rehab centre in Luton that’s perfectly suited to meet your needs.

Not every rehab centre is the same, and they each offer unique services. Contact us today so we can match you with a rehab centre in Luton that’s well equipped to meet your specific needs. We’ll ensure you’re taken care of no matter which rehab centre we match you with.

What happens if you delay rehab in Luton?

We get it. Many people delay rehab because it can be a frightening experience. You have no clue what to expect when you first walk through the doors of a rehabilitation centre, and your future may seem uncertain. Will you recover? Will you relapse? Will you just be wasting your time?

These are all questions that are perfectly fair to ask. However, allowing your uncertainty to delay treatment will only lead to negative consequences. Here are a few consequences you will have to contend with if you decide to delay rehab:

  • The longer you delay, the more you will hurt your family and friends
  • Your addiction won’t just disappear on its own
  • The more you abuse illicit substances, the more you’ll drain your finances
  • You’ll continue hurting yourself over the long term

Don’t let fear stop you from seeking out a drug or alcohol rehab centre in Luton today. The longer you wait, the worse your addiction will get. You and your family and friends will continue to suffer until you decide to seek out professional help.

What will happen once you check into an alcohol and drug rehab Luton?

The first thing you’ll undergo once you enter into a Luton rehab centre is detoxification. When you use drugs and alcohol you’re allowing toxins to enter your body – it’s vital that you flush these toxins out of your system.

During this time you will experience a range of withdrawal symptoms. Everyone is different. Thus everyone experiences withdrawal symptoms differently. Where some people may experience extreme discomfort during this process, others may only experience slight nausea.

Withdrawal symptoms are the reason inpatient care facilities are so highly recommended. Often people who attempt to quit cold turkey aren’t able to handle withdrawal symptoms and will often relapse to ward off the discomfort.

Most Luton drug or alcohol rehab centres will have health assistants, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, and health assistants on hand to help you cope with your withdrawal symptoms. In most instances, you’ll be given medication to cope with especially severe withdrawal symptoms.

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What happens after detox?

After you’ve successfully completed the detox phase, you will receive therapy sessions. It isn’t enough to rid the body of toxins; you’ll also need to get to the root reason why you’re abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place.

A therapist will sit down with you and help you isolate the behaviours that lead to your destructive decisions. From there you will receive help to make better choices and fight temptation whenever it rears its head.

Aftercare services

Once you’ve finished your rehabilitation, you still have work to do. No matter how successful your rehab has been you’ll still fight with daily triggers – it only takes one slip up for you to start abusing illicit substances once more.

Thankfully, most Luton drug and alcohol rehab centres offer 12 months of aftercare services. This will allow you to connect with groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholic Anonymous. It will also help you to maintain a friendly relationship with the clinic. Often aftercare is the defining difference between long term sobriety and relapse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Luton

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Seeking help at an alcohol and drug rehab Luton today

Rehabilitation starts with you. You have to commit to change your life. Only then can others help you get your life back on track. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Contact us today, so we can help you find the perfect Luton drug or alcohol rehab centre to help you reclaim your life.

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