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Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Luton

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Luton

We can offer you drug and alcohol rehab centres in Luton.

We can offer you rehab in your local area only a short distance from central London with links further afield to Bristol, Cambridge and other major UK cities.

The environment is peaceful at the Luton rehab, ideal for recovery, yet there is no need to compromise access to facilities, activities, and family. We know that although admissions to alcohol or drug rehabilitation can be a long time coming, they are often urgent. The clinic has a sizable team with a range of expertise which means you will likely find someone to connect with and understand your situation. In addition, many of the counsellors and medical staff have experienced addiction and substance abuse first-hand and can provide hope and perspective at this difficult time.

The Luton Clinic’s Treatment Program

Recent research has shown that rehab treatment programs are most effective when they are patient-guided. The Luton rehab will begin by meeting with you to discuss your addiction and personal feelings about recovery. This might begin when you are admitted and continue later on after the detox period when you should be feeling better and maybe have more ideas about how you want to continue. The staff will explain your options to you, including traditional methods such as the 12-step programme favoured across the board for addiction recovery groups. There are, however, some more modern holistic treatments available in this rehab too.

The Luton care staff also offer an exceptional ‘training program’ for their residents if needed. Many people who have spent years preoccupied with addiction problems or being enabled by those around them find they are fish out of water when they get sober. The team at the clinic can help reintroduce much of the day-to-day self-care again, whether that is learning to cook and shop for yourself, manage your finances better or even get your body back into a healthy physical state.

As touched on previously, dual diagnosis is also available, understanding that often addiction is used to bury deeper problems such as anxiety, PTSD and childhood trauma. Understanding and treating these situations leads to long-term recovery and prevents relapse.

 The treatment centre also offers a residential medical detox program on which most people start if they have not or only recently stopped their substance abuse. This program of specialist medicines helps to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and keep your head clear for therapies. Not only is this more comfortable and less traumatic, but it also gives you more time to work on the heart of your addiction problem.

FAQ about Drug and Alcohol Rehab

How long does rehabilitation take to work?

The two stages of the treatment centre in Luton work together to get rid of: the physical addiction and then the habit and psychological side. A medical detox guided by a specialist doctor will give you the best chance to detoxify your body. Most people who enter addiction treatment still have the substance they have been abusing in their system. A medical detox prevents the harsher withdrawal symptoms and keeps you up and about during your initial recovery time. If you have already done a medical detox, then you can skip this phase however the Luton treatment centre strongly advises against taking unsupervised detox ‘cold turkey’ without medication as this is physically taxing and can be demoralising. 

The second half is recovery, and this is where you address the underlying issues that have led you to substance abuse. These can involve mental health issues, trauma and exposure to drugs and alcohol through your social circle, work or living situation. It is important to deal with this side of addiction because you are likely to relapse and have to return to rehab again if you don’t. 

How much is a rehabilitation centre?

Rehabilitation centres are like many private medical residences, varied in price, facilities and location. Budget is often a strong consideration for people in recovery and their families. Our experts can advise you on finding a treatment centre in Luton within your budget. There are many ways to save money, such as sharing a room, staying in a treatment centre with fewer facilities. On the other hand, for those looking for more such as a gym, private rooms, etc., many luxury rehabs are available in the London area.

How to get a family member into rehab

I don’t have a problem. It’s not that bad, I’ll just cut down, and it will be fine. Rehab will be too expensive. These are just some of the common excuses you might hear when you suggest a loved one goes to a rehabilitation centre. These can be difficult to hear, considering the pain that drug and alcohol addiction can inflict on those who care for us. Unfortunately, there is no catch-all answer to approaching this issue. However, telling our experts the details of your loved one’s issues can give them an insight into the best way to get them on the road to recovery.  

Our service is private and confidential, and many of our operators have experienced rehabilitation and addiction themselves. As a result, they can offer good advice on talking to someone with a drug or alcohol addiction, avoiding any excuses, and convincing them to take the first steps on the road to recovery.

For professional but thoughtful advice, please call us on 02072052845 and help yourself or a loved one start living their life again. 

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Seeking help at an alcohol and drug rehab in Luton today

Rehabilitation starts with you. You have to commit to change your life. Only then can others help you get your life back on track. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Contact us today, so we can help you find the perfect Luton treatment centre to help you reclaim your life.


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