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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Chorley

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Chorley

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Chorley

The rehab in Chorley is an ideal place to escape and take back control over addiction which can take over your life and those around you.

Recovering on your own in your everyday environment can be a real challenge, and the safety offered by a rehab can give you the time you need to recuperate temptation free. Most rehabs in Chorley are former residences refitted to accommodate several people in the same position as you with alcohol or drugs.

Rehab Treatment in Chorley

Understanding your addiction is the first step of rehab. The counsellors and staff here take an integrated approach to your care. You will receive a recovery plan tailored to you when you enter the rehab, and this can change and adapt to suit your needs. Addiction is in both your body and mind, which means you must remove all the chemicals you are dependent on from your system before you can recover. Abstinence is now believed to be the only answer to this problem, and the Chorley rehab provides a temptation-free space to get you started on your journey.

Medical detox will be the first stop for those who are still taking drugs or alcohol. A well-developed detox program is available based on the experience of the medical staff. On admission, a prescription will be offered for the medication the detox doctor feels will best manage your withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox is known to be more successful and better for your health and gives you a chance to start with therapy while you are detoxing.

Counselling both with a member of staff and in groups with other rehab residents is an integral part of recovery. Alcoholism and drug use can leave you feeling isolated and like you are alone in feeling the way you do. Role-playing and workshops with experienced counsellors give you a safe place to play these situations out and think of ways to stay clean and sober. Meeting and socializing with others who are going through the same thing is the start of building a solid support network that will carry you through your recovery. You will also spend time learning how to deal with the stresses and factors that lead you to take drugs or drink.

Rehab provides healing through detox and therapy and then recuperation through holistic treatment and physical recovery. The Chorley rehab is ideal for participating in physical exercises such as hiking, nature walk, gym workouts and swimming. The area around the rehab has many country parks and sporting facilities. Art, music and gardening therapies are all available to help you find a new interest and enjoy nature. Taking part in these with your new support group will also help you to understand socializing without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Free Rehab in Chorley

Most of the rehabs in Chorley are privately run, although some do accept NHS patients with a referral from your doctor. Places are limited, and the waiting list for free inpatient rehab in the U.K. is generally very lengthy. Rehab for severe addictions is usually quite urgent, which means that most people find private inpatient rehab the best option. If you are sure that this isn’t an option for you, there are a few local community support groups around Chorley for those who struggle with addiction. For ideas on funding this, please look at our suggestions below.

Inspire Drug and Alcohol Service 08081698673 Matrix House, Friday Street, Chorley PR6 0AA

A part of Change Grow Live, this group provides local hubs for people to find support in detoxing and rehabilitating in the community. They offer assessment and advice to you and your family about living with an addiction.

Red Rose Recovery 01772 821440 St Wilfrid’s Building, Fox Street, Preston, PR1 2AB

Serving the Chorley and greater Lancashire area, this group provides support and activities for people in recovery. An excellent group for finding like-minded friends as part of your aftercare plan when you finish rehab.

Help Paying for Rehab

Our experts have the experience and overview of rehabs in Chorley to help you find somewhere that meets your treatment needs and your budget. For a budget rehab in Chorley, you will pay around £3,000 per week with a possible drop in price once your first month is complete. There are more expensive rehabs with mid-range from £5000 per week and luxury rehab from £10,000. The facilities, rooms and location will vary depending on the price, and we can help you choose what is essential to you and what you could do without. The only thing we never compromise on is treatment, so you can select your rehab safe in the knowledge that we only recommend a rehab if we are sure the program is effective and safely carried out.

If you feel you cannot manage the price of private rehab, there are some options to explore.

Friends and Family

The idea of going to rehab may have come from the people who care about you. They will likely want to help if they can. It would be best to try to pay for a portion yourself motivating you and encouraging others to contribute.

Health Insurance and Employers

Many health insurers provide for at least a portion (usually around 50-90%) of the cost of inpatient rehab. Employment contracts can also help you with the costs as many employers understand the value of keeping staff in good health. Be sure to check with HR though, there may be a repayment scheme, and relapse could lead to dismissal.

How do I get into rehab?

You can call our rehab experts on 02072052845 for advice on finding the right rehab for you or someone you care about. We have extensive knowledge of arranging an intervention and convincing those suffering from addiction to go into rehab. Once they have agreed to enter recovery, we can look at your location, treatment, living and budget requirements and give you the options that suit your needs. Today is the right time to start on your recovery journey and take your life back.

Finding help in Chorley today

Rehab Guide offers addiction treatment across Chorley. If you’re struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, we encourage you to call us. We’ll help you to reclaim your life so you can move forward without the fear of addiction hanging over your head. Call us today on 02072052845 for more information.

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