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Cocaine Addiction Help

Cocaine Addiction Help

Cocaine addiction help

Rehab Guide specialises in providing professional treatment for cocaine abuse and cocaine addiction help in the UK. If you or a loved have a problem with cocaine and need cocaine addiction help to stop, look no further.

We only work with the most reputable CQC registered cocaine rehabs in the UK. Our rehab clinics offer evidence-based addiction treatments. They have been proven to be effective in helping cocaine addicts to break the cycle of cocaine addiction and stay clean.

Asking for help when you have an addiction is a courageous and essential first step. We are here to reassure you that no matter how bad things may seem, you can recover from cocaine addiction, you do not have to do it alone.

What Is Cocaine Rehab UK?

Cocaine rehab is a purpose-built residential facility that combines clinical care and treatment with holistic therapies.

We offer a safe haven to those that suffer from cocaine abuse and cocaine addiction. You or your loved one can undergo a cocaine detox and rehab treatment programme that will enable you to get well.

Cocaine rehab UK clinics use a combination of evidence-based treatments to unearth and address the underlying causes that contribute to cocaine addiction. Therapies use a multidisciplinary approach and are designed to bring about healing and a change in mindset that is conducive to ongoing recovery from cocaine.

The majority of professionals that staff our treatment centres for cocaine addiction are in recovery themselves. They know first hand what it takes to overcome addiction. They set an outstanding example of what can be achieved in recovery.

Cocaine residential rehabs are staffed by qualified psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, counsellors, psychologists, holistic therapists and recovery support workers. Together, they offer a wealth of expertise, knowledge and understanding.

Cocaine rehab will not only help you to stop using cocaine but will arm you with the tools of recovery required to avoid relapse.

Who Needs Cocaine Addiction Help?

 Many people who binge on cocaine or are addicted to cocaine need rehab, but rehab works best for those who want recovery.

If you have a problem with cocaine and cocaine is costing you more than just money, you would undoubtedly benefit from a rehab programme.

It doesn’t matter how much cocaine you are using. You need cocaine addiction help if:

  • Once you start taking cocaine, you end up binging, despite that not being your original intention
  • You are preoccupied with thoughts of coke when you are not using it
  • You have tried other methods to stop using cocaine, but they have failed
  • You are unable to stop using cocaine and need cocaine addiction help to break the cycle
  • You repeatedly relapse on cocaine
  • Cocaine has cost you jobs, friends or relationships
  • You feel full of remorse, regret or shame after taking cocaine yet find yourself regularly using
  • You have put yourself or others at risk through your cocaine use
  • Your cocaine habit is making you feel anxious or depressed
  • You have had to cheat, steal, lie or manipulate to fund your cocaine
  • Others have expressed concern over your cocaine use and suggested a rehab
  • You have or are currently suffering physically or mentally as a result
  • Your cocaine use has progressed from occasional/recreational to frequent use or binges
  • Your cocaine use has progressed in terms of quantity, frequency or method of administration, such as from snorting to injecting cocaine
  • You often mix cocaine with alcohol or other drugs
  • Cocaine often comes before essential appointments, functions, work and family time
  • You struggle to go without cocaine for more than a few days at a time
  • You fear you will die if you carry on using or are having suicidal thoughts

Cocaine addiction is a deadly and progressive illness. Left untreated many die from overdose, heart attack or from taking their own life.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions that are symptoms of cocaine addiction, it is vital that you seek cocaine addiction help and professional help without delay.

Understanding Why You Can’t Stop Using Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs available. It is also incredibly destructive and dangerous.

You may be wondering why you can’t stop using cocaine when you so desperately want to. The answer to this lies in your brain.

Addiction occurs through repeated exposure to a substance or activity that releases feel-good chemicals into the brain, creating a euphoric high.

When cocaine is taken, it triggers a considerable influx of chemicals in the user’s brain. The particular compound that is associated with addiction is called Dopamine. Dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical produced by the brain that regulates mood and emotions, enables pleasurable feelings and promotes motivation.

With repeated use of cocaine and the repeated false triggering of unnatural amounts of dopamine, the brain becomes confused and stops producing rewarding chemicals organically. Instead, the brain rewires itself to actively seek the “reward” inducing drug, in this case – cocaine.

As cocaine addiction progresses, the addict’s brain reaches a point where it becomes tolerant of cocaine’s effects. The user is compelled to seek the high and so takes more significant and more frequent amounts of cocaine. At the peak of addiction, the user is unable to feel any pleasure with or without cocaine. Despite this, the brain still drives the addict to seek relief through cocaine – that relief no longer happens.

cocaine addiction

The healthy “control” brain releases its own dopamine (shown in red). With addiction, natural production of dopamine is inhibited. As you can see in the cocaine-addicted brain, it is halted completely.

A cocaine addict becomes increasingly anxious, paranoid and depressed, perhaps even suicidal.

Does Rehab Cure Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine rehab cannot cure addiction, but what it does do is provide a safe place for life-saving intervention. In a cocaine rehab UK, an addict will not have access to alcohol or drugs, and so the cycle of addiction is interrupted. A short course of cocaine detox medication is prescribed to remove or diminish cocaine cravings.

While the addiction has been halted; the patient undergoes intensive therapy to help repair and rewire the brain. This is not an overnight process, and the brain can never fully be restored to how it was before addiction developed. One line of cocaine can set the whole horrific cycle of addiction off once more, as the brain will still recognise the drug and actively seek more.

The only way to stay in recovery from cocaine addiction is complete abstinence. In cocaine rehab, counsellors and therapists work hard to bring about a considerable shift in thinking in the patient. The rehab team achieve this by applying evidence-based treatments and proven therapeutic techniques.

Cocaine rehab patients are shown a set of recovery tools that they will need to continue to apply once they have completed their rehab programme. This keeps the obsession with using cocaine at bay and enables recovery.

If You Have A Problem With Cocaine Why You Should Consider Rehab

Cocaine in the UK is purer and stronger than ever before – Aa result it is causing more fatalities. If you have a problem with cocaine you may well be thinking, “it won’t happen to me I know my dealer, I know the source”. We are pretty sure that the 432 individuals that died in 2017 from cocaine poisoning thought the same.

cocaine rehab uk

Source: Office for National Statistics


In England and Wales, cocaine-related deaths have quadrupled over the past ten years. Cocaine abuse and addiction kills – FACT.

Rehab For Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction – Cocaethylene

Rehab Guide provides bespoke rehab programmes for those that are addicted to alcohol and cocaine.

These two substances are commonly combined in addiction and drug abuse. When cocaine and alcohol are used together, the liver processes them and turns them into a third even more addictive and extremely dangerous drug called cocaethylene.

When cocaethylene is produced, the user is at far higher risk of a cocaine overdose and cocaine and alcohol-related harms.

How Much Does Cocaine Rehab UK Cost?

The cost of cocaine rehab varies and is dependent on personal preference and treatment factors, including:

  • Whether you want a cheap cocaine rehab or luxury cocaine rehab
  • The severity of your addiction and how long you will need to stay in cocaine rehab to get well.
  • The area or location that you wish the rehab to be in
  • Whether you want fully residential cocaine rehab or quasi residential cocaine rehab

Rehab Guide can advise you on the costs of various cocaine rehab programmes and suggest the one that would best suit your individual treatment needs, and social and financial circumstances.

Where Can I Get Rehab For Cocaine Addiction?

Rehab Guide have CQC registered cocaine rehabilitation centres located all over the UK.

Whether you are looking for a cocaine rehab in London, Midlands, Scotland, Wales or the South East or West of England we can provide you with cocaine addiction help.

Accessing free cocaine rehab for addiction on the NHS is practically impossible. This is due to substantial government cutbacks and also the fact that cocaine is not generally considered a substance that requires a detox.

Our private cocaine treatment centres prescribe a short course of detox medication as our addiction experts recognise that cocaine produces intense cravings. We want our patients to be able to stay in the safe environments of our cocaine clinics and focus on their recovery. A medical cocaine detox enables our patients to do this.

If you or a loved one are looking for a cocaine rehab near you, or anywhere in the UK, please call Rehab Guide. We will match you with your ideal rehab programme following a comprehensive telephone assessment.

Call us today on 02072052845 to start your recovery journey and find out more.





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