On completing rehab, you should be very proud of yourself.  Well done.  You made it.  You set off on that road to recovery and laid the foundations for your new and healthy life.


When leaving rehab, a person who has battled addiction must carry on the good fight and stay clean and sober, especially after coming so far.  However, Rehab Guide can help you adjust to life outside rehab, through our comprehensive aftercare plan.


While in rehab, you were advised on relapse prevention and the possible triggers which could bring you back to addiction.  You were shown how to deal with cravings and we highlighted the practices you could use to help you refrain from drugs or alcohol.


However, dealing with addiction requires continual on-going care.  Where, once you leave our facility, you can receive all the help you require to re-adjust to everyday life, deal with what life throws at you and continue to grow. And, most importantly, live a clean and sober life.


We at Rehab Guide provide free aftercare for a year for persons who have completed our rehab program.  So why not attend our aftercare groups, where our warm and friendly staff will provide you with all of the advice and support you may need, as you continue on your course of recovery?

Contact us today by using the number above or the below contact form.


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