Bedrooms with Bathroom Suites


Our bedrooms are beautifully furnished and have a fresh, neutral, interior design.  Facilities are light, have excellent ventilation and the latest modern conveniences. They are well furnished with a double-bed, double wardrobe, bedside table, and a writing desk where you can sit and scribble in your diary or journal and a set of drawers. Our carpeted rooms offer striking views, are equipped with a Plasma TV and have Wi-Fi access.

We offer the latest modern en-suite bathrooms, fitted with a bath, basin, overhead shower and toilet.  Our bathrooms offer easy access and the utmost privacy. Rehab Guide can also accommodate for people with trouble going up and down stairs or in and out of the bath. Our clinic has downstairs bedrooms complete with walk in showers, as well as an internal lift which can transport you to therapy rooms and bedrooms above the first floor.




At Rehab Guide, we always serve the most delicious freshly prepared meals.  They are made on site by our highly trained catering staff, who hold certificates in food hygiene and our experienced chef, who only uses the freshest ingredients to bring you the best in nutritious home cooking.  This fine quality food is prepared in our roomy modern kitchen which is always kept perfectly clean and follows stringent health and safety regulations.

When staying at Rehab Guide you will have three meals a day along with a choice of snack foods and drinks.  You can also be assured that our qualified resident chef can cater to any individual dietary needs. Our clinical team are also on hand to make sure our clients profit from a diverse nutritious eating plan.

We serve our meals in an expansive, brightly lit communal dining room.  Where people can sit together, talk and get to know each other as they eat and take in the view.




Rehab Guide is proud to offer a complete in-house treatment programme.  It covers a wide area, including having our own gym. It is well lit with first rate ventilation and boasts the latest top quality fitness equipment. The gym provides our clients with the perfect place to enhance their overall health and fitness.  Where they can work on the weights and find the space to do mat work and stretches, among other exercises.


Holistic therapy room


Rehab Guide has the most calming and tranquil holistic therapy rooms, where mood lighting delivers an experiential therapy. It can also help you to relax and improves your overall well–being. The fully equipped holistic room is at the nerve centre of our on-site treatments, where Rehab Guide will provide the most up to date holistic therapies available.


Sports and recreation


Rehab Guide encourages our clients to have fun and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, on occasion, we like to arrange sports, especially team sports, to inspire unity, team building and allow our clients a social outlet. As well as being good exercise and providing a release from rehab for a while.




Rehab Guide offers Wi-Fi access, meaning you can use the internet and surf the web whilst attending our clinic. It allows you to keep in touch with friends and loved ones and use such features as online banking. Our Wi-Fi access is closely supervised and our therapeutic staff will make sure it is safe and suitable for our clients. We will also ensure that your internet access stays within healthy boundaries and has a cut-off point, a switch off time, so you can get all the rest you need. Rehab Guide’s experienced staff will furthermore confirm that you are making headway in every aspect of your treatment, when permitting Wi-Fi access at restricted times.




If you enjoy television then Rehab Guide has a comfortable communal lounge where clients can watch TV at set times of the day. What’s more, several rooms in our clinic have their own television set. We are committed to overseeing a thorough rehabilitation treatment, but you will also have plenty of free time to yourself, where you can relax and watch TV.




We have a vast array of books, board games and other pastimes you can enjoy in your free time, during your stay at the clinic.