Alcohol Detox At Home

There are many reasons why you should not do an alcohol home detox by yourself. Detoxing from any drug can be extremely dangerous; the effects on your body can be fatal. To successfully and comfortably detox at home from alcohol we here at Rehab Guide would recommend that you seek professional help from either your GP or one of our trained professionals.

There are few things in a person’s health to attempt that are more dangerous than an individual attempting to detox from alcohol without proper medical supervision. Based on the various amounts you are consuming, body weight, and what your food intake is will determine how your home detox will unfold. Every human being is different when it comes to detoxing from alcohol, however, regardless of the variables mentioned above, there is no surer thing than this, if an individual makes the irresponsible decision to detox from alcohol without proper medical support and advice, irreparable physical injury and/or death are a possible consequence. The severity of the withdrawal will depend on many variables, i.e., the individual’s basic chemistry, alcohol consumption levels, body weight, environment, nutritional history and what support they have to help them do this. We cannot make it clear enough that alcohol detoxes can be lethal even if the individual has consumed very little alcohol on a regular basis. The alcohol detox process can not only be physically but also very emotionally traumatic and needs to be guided by people who are experienced and professional.

As we have already stated, alcohol withdrawal can be fatal. So it sounds crazy but seriously, not taking a drink can actually kill you if you have been drinking regularly or daily for as little as a few weeks. Remember depending on the person’s weight, intake, nutrition and general health it can be extremely dangerous to come off of alcohol at home.

If you want to insist on doing your own home alcohol detox absolutely then, you should have someone slowly dole out very small amounts of alcohol to you over at least a 4 week period. Again we at Rehab Guide would not recommend that you do your own at home alcohol detox as we know you would be much safer either in a medical setting or at the very least under medical supervision during your home detox. If you choose to go into a detox clinic, they can give you medications that will calm your nerves and keep you safer from the threat of seizures, hallucinations heart failure and delirium tremors.

Essentially we would recommend that you do not attempt an alcohol detox on your own at all. We would recommend that you seek either help from our nurses and doctors who can come to your own home and offer a complete, comprehensive package that will ensure not only your health and safety but also your confidentially and privacy. We would ask you to consider an alcohol detox clinic which will have many more resources available to you as far as your actual treatment goes immediately and for the continuation of your sobriety.

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