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Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Newry

Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Newry

Group counselling

If you live in Newry and are looking to move ahead with residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in Northern Ireland residential rehab could be the answer.

Whether it is you, a friend or loved one, living in the beautiful city of Newry if you have been struggling with dependency, then you can find a safe recovery in a residential rehab near you.

This could be the turning point in, what may seem like an ongoing battle against drug and alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Addiction

It can feel sometimes as if you have been under the grip of drugs and alcohol for so long, that you cannot envision life without them. For many people suffering the pains of dependency in Northern Ireland, they may fear they will never break away.

It can feel like a part of life that you cannot escape from, but we at Rehab Guide can show you there is another way to live, without alcohol or drugs.

There is another course available where, through counselling, support, and guidance, you can discover a whole new life; freed from the grip of addiction.

Hopefully, you have battled addiction and are now resolved to move ahead with drug or alcohol rehab. One of the most important decisions is selecting the right place to proceed with drug and alcohol rehab.

Finding the Best Rehab for You

If you require assistance selecting the ideal site, you can rely on Rehab Guide to point you in the right direction. Providing you with all of the facts and relevant info, to make an informed choice about rehab.

The residential clinic in Newry, just like our other sites across Britain and abroad, offers visitors the most peaceful, tranquil, surroundings to undergo care.

Rehab Guide can help you get away from it all, free from all distractions, and savour the idyllic atmosphere.


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You can relax in our country setting, on the shores of the Newry River, where you can take on your addiction problems, at your own pace. All the while under the watchful eye of medically approved and trained professionals, specialising in various aspects of drug and alcohol rehab.

If you have decided to stay at our residential clinic in Newry, you will be made to feel at home straight away. First, you are shown around our beautifully appointed building, with its comfortable living space and exceptional design.

It will immediately put you at ease, and you can be sure it has a large employee-to-patient ratio, so you will not be lost in the crowd.

Our highly skilled staff are committed to giving you all the assistance and support you require, so you never have to worry that they may be too busy, or hard-pressed, to lend a hand.

We have more than enough staff to help you on a one-to-one basis if needed.

Be assured our skilled medical professionals; doctors, nursing staff, advisers, and counsellors, have been trained in many different areas of rehab and treatment. They can help you address your individual health or addiction problems, which have cast a shadow over your life.

Your Recovery Journey

We at Rehab Guide can set you on the road to recovery. Our experienced specialists have the expertise in treating all kinds of addictive substances.

Be secure that they have passed a thorough assessment and have received the approval to conduct a medical detox. They can help you get to the heart of your issues with addiction, and overcome them. The ultimate goal of the counsellors, doctors and nursing staff guiding you through your drug and alcohol rehab treatment, as in our residential centre in Newry.

When it comes to pressing forward with addiction treatment, your personal needs are always of paramount importance, and we can help you find the addiction treatment, most suited to your situation.

Everyone is different and can have different needs, but we can assist you, in choosing the right drug or alcohol rehab.

Rehab Therapy

There is no doubt deciding to stop drinking, or using drugs, can be daunting. Especially if it has been a part of your life for a long time.

It can feel as if people cannot understand what it’s like or know how it feels. However, take comfort in the fact that our staff have experience in not only counselling, but many have also lived through addiction themselves, and know personally of which they speak.

It can be a great relief to know that, when sitting down and talking with a counsellor at a rehab centre, they know what it’s like. They have faced that battle themselves, and they can bring their own familiarity of dependency to the fore, to help you overcome addiction.

Our expert staff will be right by your side throughout your stay at the residential clinic in Newry. They will acquaint you with a cross-section of alcohol rehab treatments.

woman talking to alcohol counsellor

These will be specially tailored to your special circumstances, so you can receive rehab centred on you as an individual.

If you are receiving care in an inpatient or outpatient capacity, you can be certain our rehab centres are fully CQC/SCSWIS approved to provide care for people needing assistance to treat drug or alcohol addiction.

We at Rehab Guide advocate varied treatments, which can be used to aid a client on the path to recovery. Our specialists contend an organised, well-balanced treatment programme can be imperative for overcoming dependency.

An important weapon in the fight is also to conduct a medical detox, where a person abstains from taking substances, and they are purged from your body. We will be with you every step of the way.

Different Approaches to Rehab in Newry

Rehab Guide also believes undergoing counselling and talking about your issues with a trained therapist, can be an essential tool, in exploring any current issues, or underlying problems, which may cause someone to drink or take drugs. It could be a major breakthrough in your fight against addiction.

Rehab Guide’s residential clinic in Newry is on the cusp of the latest techniques, to provide our clients with the most innovative rehab services. Extending from the renowned 12-step programme originated by Alcoholics Anonymous to holistic therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; also known as CBT.

Holistic Therapy

We also shine a light on how exercise and diet can play pivotal roles in rehab.

At the same time, we understand how painful and difficult it can be for those close to someone living with dependency.

It can be heartbreaking to see what their friend or relative is going through, particularly when they wish they could do more.

However, Rehab Guide does not underestimate the power of family connections, and how they could be of aid to those undergoing recovery.

Therefore, we provide family programmes, alongside intervention services.

This is to help friends and family members who may be concerned someone close to them may be in denial or finding it hard to accept, that they may have an issue with drugs or alcohol.

We can help them put their friend or loved one on course to recovery, which could prove to be a turning point.

young woman addiction counselling outside

How Rehab Guide Can Help

It is known that stopping drinking or using drugs can be a massive upheaval in your life.

You may fear you may not make it through. However, if you have decided to take that step, we at Rehab Guide can provide you with the information, advice and counselling you need to turn your life around and say goodbye to addiction.

If you wish to move ahead with drug or alcohol rehab in Newry, then get in touch with our expert team today.


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