How To Break The Cycle Of Addiction

How To Break The Cycle Of Addiction

We’re going to walk you through exactly how addiction works.
– Finally understand your behaviours and addictive patterns
– This method can be used over and over, for multiple issues or addictions
– This applies to everyone, no matter what substance is being used, how much, how often, etc

Here it is:
Events > Meanings > Coping Mechanism > Addiction
It’s really simple. Specific events happen to us in our lives. If it’s an emotional event, we might conclude that it means something about us – about who we are, e.g. “I’m not good enough”/”I’m not ok”/”I’m not important”/”I’m unlovable”/etc)

If we come to that same conclusion repeatedly (no matter how false it actually is) then we feel we are “not ok”/”not good enough”/”not important”/etc, more and more.

Coping Mechanisms
Then, a few times, we may experience relief from these feelings by some means of compensation – overeating, overspending, consuming alcohol/drugs/cigarettes, or whatever substance is readily available.

This part is critical: at this point, the unconscious mind concludes:

“The way to feel ok/important/good enough/worthy/etc, is to drink alcohol or use drugs”

And, repeated over time, this becomes:

“The ONLY way to feel ok/important/good enough/worthy/etc, is to drink alcohol or use drugs”

…and now the individual is psychologically addicted.

The Cycle Of Addiction
Is it real to you, that if I believe the ONLY way to feel basically ok about myself, is to consume a particular substance, then my entire life becomes about getting that substance…because if I don’t, then I’m forced to face up to beliefs like “I’m not okay”/”I’m not worthy”/”I’m not good enough”/”I’m not important”/etc, and the emotional pain that comes with it.

Eventually, my entire life becomes structured around obtaining my coping mechanism, as it’s the *only* means I have to feel ok…it’s the only way I know how.

Undoing The Pattern
But can you see that if I *don’t* believe I’m not okay, then I have no need for a coping mechanism like alcohol or drugs in the first place?

And is it clear to you, that if I originally decided upon different meanings for those original events, I would never have believed I’m not okay?

So can you see the role these emotional events play in your addiction?

They’re critical. We’ll talk again soon, about getting to the ones that matter.

But, if this all sounds like too much work, we have access to premium rehab programs at specially negotiated rates (we do it for you).

Sometimes, we can even arrange transport for you. You should probably get in touch.

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