How to Quit Without Help

How to Quit Without Help

The truth is you can’t.

Sorry. I wish there was an easier answer.

In practice, most rehab clinics carry out a significant proportion of the therapeutic program in a group format. This is no coincidence.

Consistently working with others in your recovery journey has been shown to be a significant motivator, since you can witness the progress of others at different stages in the process.

The Power Of Many
And, being around others of a similar mindset, consciousness, determination, and focus, i.e. group energy, has been shown to affect consciousness, energy levels, motivation, etc. – and group consciousness in recovery from addiction, is no different.

Even as part of your aftercare plan, you work cooperatively to put together a team of support for your post-clinic re-integration into life outside the clinic.

Why? Because everyone in recovery needs this multi-player team, to demonstrate, and learn, and model, multiple different aspects of recovery, from practicalities like what to do in an immediate crisis, to how to handle day to day addiction triggers, and even the spiritual and emotional implications of being in recovery.

In life after addiction, your thinking, cognition, and behaviour all require an overhaul to succeed in long-term sobriety – a full re-evaluation of spiritual, social, behavioural, emotional, and physical drivers of your life.

And it’s only a multi-player team around you that can help you rebuild all these elements, make the necessary learnings, and integrate them into your life personally.

Just one other individual trying to help you with all these factors, couldn’t hope to have the same impact, even in double the time.

When you understand that resolving the addiction is about determining the underlying aspects of your life, then the need for a team becomes obvious.

And, even the negative experiences you may come across in a group setting, will help make more apparent to you, exactly what form you would prefer your recovery journey to take.

Because without the context or vision or vision of what we don’t want, it’s difficult to envisage exactly what we DO want.

A rehabilitation from addiction with strong foundations is one that reconnects you, experientially, to all of life’s cornerstones – family, work, relationships, career, and of course, self…and how good all of these can be, out from under the shadow of addiction.

As you know by now, addiction is just a symptom.

But, underneath it, you are still you. No matter how much noise, chaos, and dysfunction, addiction has brought to your life, underneath it all, you’re still there – who you are hasn’t changed.

You may have fallen into a poor coping mechanism, in the pursuit of dealing with life’s challenges, but that doesn’t change who you are.

We can help you step out from under the shadow of addiction. We do it every day.

If you need help getting the right treatment for you – with the right level of support – get in touch, and we’ll chat through the options – no charge.

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