alcohol rehab centres

Alcohol Rehab Centres

The active ingredients of effective alcohol rehab centres

Continuing care

For the most part, those who enter an alcohol treatment centre have had at least one relapse back to alcohol use, but this can be prevented with forward planning. It is vital that any facility you choose for you or your loved one has a follow-up protocol and gives clients the option to participate in support groups. These are known to improve long-term treatment outcomes, helping maintain the patient’s sobriety.

A strong bond with therapists & counsellors

Evidence-based research has shown that counsellors and therapists in alcohol rehab centres, who bond with patients primarily through empathy, rather than confrontation, are a distinctive and powerfully motivating influence in the patient’s journey through alcohol treatment.

Longer duration (for alcohol-dependent drinkers)

It has also been noted that for those who are dependent on alcohol, the longer the client stays in rehab (particularly inpatient settings), the more chance of success they will have in obtaining lasting sobriety. Studies indicate that out-patient treatment lasting less than 90 days results in poorer outcomes and an inpatient programme lasting 28 days or more has superior results.

Participation in support groups

Project MATCH and other studies in the 1990’s definitively proved that participation in support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, is an active ingredient of lasting sobriety – both during a professional intervention and after. Therefore introduction and attendance at an AA or NA meeting should be the norm in any alcohol rehab centre you or your loved one attends.

Strong patient motivation

This is the most important part of recovery. It is proven that all approaches to alcoholism recovery depend on the desire of the person wanting to become sober. The best alcohol rehab centres will enhance this motivation with intervention and therapies.

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