Doctors Should Help Treat The Causes Of Alcohol

There are as many views on how GPs should treat addicts as there are addictions, but one things for sure – treating the causes of addiction goes a long way to quality recovery.

A recent article in the Daily Mail on addiction stated doctors need to treat the causes of addiction as well as the consequences in order to help beat the crisis in the UK.

At Rehab Guide, we know treating the causes of addiction is part of the recovery process (there’s usually a reason why people drink or use) and without self-awareness and looking at the sources of anxieties, stress and emotional upset: lapse or relapse is likely to occur.

It is great that many doctors do treat the consequences of addiction including withdrawals, chemical dependency and depression. Aftercare which includes therapies such as person-centred, group, CBT or 12-Step is necessary if addiction is to be combatted effectively. Without long-term therapeutic treatment, most addicts will revert to type. In this industry it’s all about change – a common word banded about but without it, the causes of addiction remain.

And, where better to start the change in shift in recovery than at the GP’s surgery?

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