Unhappy School Kids ‘More Likely to Drink’

Liverpool’s John Morres University Centre for Public Health has released the results of recent research that shows links between the level of unhappiness in school age children and their likeliness to drink and engage in under-age sex.

The study focussed on nearly 4,000 11 to 14 year olds, and found that those children that found that school was not a ‘nice place to be’ were twice as likely to indulge in drink and nearly three times as likely to engage in sexual activity from kissing to full intercourse. The research was published in the industry journal ‘Substance Abuse, Treatment, Prevention and Policy’, and highlighted the risk that those children with unhappy home lives and receiving little or no support from their parents were also likely to drink while under age.

The lead researcher Professor Mark Bellis: “Our study identifies that the children who drink and are sexually active are also more likely to be unhappy with their school and home lives.” “Such children can become disengaged from both family and educational support and risk progressing to sexually transmitted infections, teenage pregnancies or becoming an alcohol related casualty at an Accident & Emergency unit.” “This study paints a clear picture that the children we most need to support are often the hardest to reach through conventional educational and parental routes.” The Story on the BBC News Page. John Moore’s University Centre for Public Health.

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