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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Scotland

St Andrews CrossOur main goal at Rehab Guide is to give you the best options for alcohol treatment. We have hand-picked Scotland’s most successful, secluded and scenic alcohol clinics to refer to you or your loved one to, in the hope that recovery will be achievable.

We at Rehab Guide always want to give a quality service, therefore, every clinic’s rehabilitation programme in Scotland is assessed by our team before we refer their services to you. Our chosen alcohol clinics are out with major cities, providing a serene setting for those hoping to get away from the chaos in their lives. On arrival, you will be met by two professional counsellors and will be driven directly to your clinic.


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As with many countries across the world, alcohol addiction is rife. And some would say no more so than in Scotland.

Scotland proudly and rightly boasts the only alcohol rehab in the UK. This claim may seem odd but you might be surprised to know that most alcohol rehabs across the UK also deal with other addictions that include:

  • Drug addiction (including prescription drugs)
  •  Gambling addiction
  •  Shopping addiction
  • Co-dependency
  • Various other behavioural and substance addictions

By focusing purely on alcohol issues, our chosen rehab in Scotland can focus on a very personal service that is tailored to those that have an alcohol problem only.

Alcohol rehab in Scotland also stands apart from its English and Welsh cousins in that the regulatory body based in Scotland insists that all patients must have their own room with their own bathroom, whereas this is not the case elsewhere in the UK where you may have to share your room and toilet facilities. The accommodation at our alcohol rehab in Scotland is excellent, it has large single occupancy with double beds and en-suite private bathrooms. Set in the secluded countryside, but still only a short drive from Glasgow international airport It’s convenient and beautiful location makes it very easy to get to and from most countries.

The approach of this alcohol rehab centre is holistic, addressing the physical, psychological and spiritual implications that may have arisen as a result of alcohol use. This centre is exclusive in that it has a very high staff to client ratio, never treating more than 11 clients at any one time. The treatment available here gives the patient the opportunity to increase their awareness and understanding of their alcohol problem in the most dedicated and professional setting. There therapists will enable you or your loved one to learn new coping skills giving you the opportunity to start your journey to achieve lasting sobriety.

It is our job to help you get in contact and arrange a place in this alcohol rehab in Scotland, so please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about the programme in Scotland.


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A flight to Scotland is only;
From London ¾ Hour
From Belfast ½ Hour
From Dublin ½ Hour
From New York 6 Hours
From Cape Town 11 Hours


As well as giving valuable advice on addiction treatment, we can also arrange interventions if your loved one is in denial about their addiction. If someone close to you is in denial, we know that you will have become exhausted trying to make them come to terms with their addiction. For exactly this reason, we can arrange a certified interventionist to visit them.

Interventions are planned processes, which may even take hours of work in order to get someone to commit to treatment. Our interventionists In Scotland are also proud to hold a 100% success rate.


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Find Alcohol or Drug Treatment in Scotland.

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