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Author: Jason

Author 'Jason
Jason has been writing expert articles and blog posts on issues related to addiction and mental health for Rehab Guide. Jason has a BA in Psychology, a Masters of Social Work and is currently working on his doctorate in social work.

Articles from Jason

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

You withdraw from alcohol only after you have become dependent on alcohol. In other words, once your body and mind have become used to the presence of alcohol in your system, you are liable to suffer physical and emotional distress...

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Test Mice Cured Of Depression

Depression is “the leading cause of disability worldwide,” as more than 300 million people across the globe are living with the condition.

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What is Amphetamine?

Amphetamine – What is it? Amphetamines are derived from Ephedra, a bush native to central Asia and Mongolia; it also grows in the southwestern United States. The dried stems and leaves of the Ephedra plant can be dried and boiled...

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Science of Anxiety

Everybody recognises ‘anxiety’, but few people know precisely what Anxiety ‘is’, what the physical manifestations of anxiety are and what anxiety means to the body. What is more, the question as to whether anxiety is a learned reaction or we...

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Effects of Alcohol On Unborn Babies

In the UK, over 41% of pregnant women drink during their pregnancies. But just because a large number of women do this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe for your unborn baby. A large majority of women go off the taste of...

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Addiction May Be Pre-Programmed In The Brain

Over the years, we’ve branded the alcoholic as merely weak-willed. However, within the medical and scientific communities, there is a broad consensus regarding alcoholism as being a disease. One thing we don’t entirely know yet is how drug and alcohol...

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