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Author 'Jason
Jason has been writing expert articles and blog posts on issues related to addiction and mental health for Rehab Guide. Jason has a BA in Psychology, a Masters of Social Work and is currently working on his doctorate in social work.

Articles from Jason

‘Personal Responsibility’ the Problem, not Solution.

Originally published 04 September 2014 A report from the BBC released today, written by Professor Richard Ashcroft of the University of London, has addressed the matter of personal responsibility in regards to public health. Or rather, the lack of it....

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Excessive Alcohol Consumption “UNDERESTIMATED”

Excessive alcohol consumption ‘is underestimated’ A man drinks wine while cooking, Ad hoc drinking may mean we do not actually know how much we are consuming, Do you know how much you drink? Do you drink more than you think?...

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Bath Salts (Legal High) Causes Psychosis

Abusing bath salts can cause various forms of psychosis or severe neurosis. As of May 2016, bath salts were made illegal in the UK and fell under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. Even before this, the powder form was made illegal...

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IV-Amino Acid Therapy

A Quicker and more natural way to withdraw from alcohol and drug addiction now available  Nutritional IV therapy, favoured by some celebrities, infuses vitamins and minerals through the body and has been used to help treat fatigue, depression, ADHD, eating...

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Professions with the Highest Levels of Alcoholism

Did you know that statistics show an estimated 586,780 dependent drinkers in England, and only 18% are receiving alcohol treatment? Your career will play a significant role in your life, even when you’re not at work. The higher-stress professions are the...

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