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Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Ayrshire

Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Ayrshire

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Ayrshire, in southwest Scotland, includes the towns of Ayr, Irvine and Kilmarnock. No matter which of them you live in, you can receive treatment for addiction at one of our drug and alcohol rehab Ayrshire facilities.

The Ayrshire clinic is an exclusive and specialist alcohol rehab treatment clinic set in the tranquil countryside, it is surrounded by dramatic coastlines, breath-taking scenery, miles of countryside and many tranquil and historic walks.

Not every addiction can be treated successfully the same way, you see, and you need to have the right kind of help from specialised professionals if you are going to get free of your addiction.

Find help in Ayrshire

Rehab Guide can help you locate:

  • Local Narcotics, Alcoholics, Gambling Anonymous groups 
  • Local addiction groups 
  • Smart recovery groups 
  • Addiction Counsellors in your area 
  • A ‘buddy’ or ‘sponsor’
  • Relevant advice on achieving sobriety
  • Detox and rehab facilities 

 Alcohol rehab in Ayrshire

One of the hardest parts of fighting any addiction is dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal. The longer you have been addicted to alcohol, the worse they will be, but you can overcome them. Part of the treatment process involves counselling and therapy to help you cope with both the withdrawal symptoms and the cravings.

After a while, you won’t feel the need as often to drink alcohol, but that’s only if you get the right help as soon as possible. You need an effective strategy for rehabilitation by someone who knows what they are doing if you are going to have a chance at beating your addiction.

This addiction treatment clinic aims to provide a private, safe and positive environment. The client will have the opportunity to explore and identify any personal changes they will require in themselves and their surroundings, which will enable them to maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Addiction treatment therapy is provided by a highly qualified multidisciplinary professional team.

The various therapeutic treatments that are used in this addiction treatment clinic are utilised by experienced practitioners and robustly informed by statistically proven research.

The approaches used at this particular addiction treatment clinic include widely recognised therapeutic interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, Mindfulness practice, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and the 12 step model. Giving all clients the opportunity to explore their own treatment need and fit.

The multidisciplinary treatment programme includes a full medical and physical assessment upon arrival by the clinic’s own doctor, medically assisted detoxification, group therapy, lectures, 1 to 1 counselling, relapse prevention presentations and participation in self-help groups.

So what is it that makes this particular addiction treatment clinic special?

The clinic is in a small, intimate and private care setting, serving no more than 25 clients at any one time. The service has developed a tranquil non-institutionalized environment where you can receive individualised professional support to address your alcohol dependency.

This rehab centre prides itself on a high standard of care that is monitored and maintained throughout the treatment process. This is carried out by thorough assessment; person-centred care planning, individual and personalised ‘key work’ and aftercare support.

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This clinic has an excellent team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced staff, consisting of a doctor, psychiatrist, nurse, counsellors, therapists and care staff, providing the highest standard of addiction psychotherapy.
This clinic also ensures each individual client is supported by their personal counsellor to draw up their own treatment plan tailored to their own specific needs and circumstances. This addiction treatment facility does not operate a one size fits all policy.

It may be useful to know that many of the staff team are in recovery and have personal experience of many of the processes and pathways the client will experience throughout their treatment.

The client is able to receive family visits in the evenings and at weekends.

Drug rehab in Ayrshire

Similarly, drug addiction is going to give you the most trouble when it comes to withdrawal symptoms. Those side effects, coupled with cravings, will make it very difficult to quit, and they might draw you back in if you were going at it alone. However, when you join one of our treatment clinics for help, then you can get counselling, support and compassionate care from trained professionals. You can have the help you need to beat even the toughest drug addiction. Just give us a call to get connected to a centre that will work best for you.

Other addictions

Every addiction has a treatment strategy to deal with it effectively. Whether you are addicted to gambling, love addiction, you find yourself shopping more than you should, or you suffer from some other addiction, then there is a way to get free from your disease. You can take control by saying “no” when the cravings start if you have the right help. Stopping an addiction isn’t something that most people can do on their own, and getting the help you need is the first step in combating an addiction successfully. That help is available at our Ayrshire rehab clinics right now.

Professional treatment can help you recover

Do you want to use the addiction fighting method that has proven to be the most successful? Whatever your addiction may be, if you get professional help for it, you have the best chance of conquering it. While you might be able to get clean on your own, you can usually beat your addiction faster and more effectively with professional help. Contact us today to find that help, as we will connect you to the professionals and the treatment facilities that will be able to care for you best.

Drug & alcohol rehab in Ayrshire programme overview

The addiction treatment clinic addresses the problem of alcohol misuse and dependence in a caring and sensitive manner. It provides a private, safe, and tranquil environment for clients to increase their awareness and understanding of their alcohol problem, identifies potential triggers for relapse and teaches new coping skills.

The therapeutic treatment programme consists of:

Counselling – individual counselling service by members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Group therapy – Group therapy has long been recognised as being one of the most effective methods for change for individuals experiencing addiction problems. The client will participate in daily group work sessions focusing on many issues related to alcohol misuse.

Recovery Presentations – The recovery presentations educate clients by giving them an understanding of the power and impact of addiction. They also empower clients by encouraging them to take responsibility for their recovery and lives.

Holistic Therapies – During your stay, you will receive alternative treatments provided by a fully qualified therapist. Therapies available include body massage, Indian head massage, hot stone massage, Swedish massage and Reiki.

Self-help groups – Clients are encouraged to access community self-help groups that they can access through their treatment and after discharge to provide ongoing addiction support.

Facilities and accommodation 

The accommodation offers tastefully refurbished single occupancy large ensuite bedrooms. Clients have use of two comfortable lounges, a dining room and a beautiful garden area.

Delicious home-cooked meals and home baking are prepared daily by the catering team with all dietary needs catered for.

Contact Rehab Guide now we can help expedite your admission into treatment at this clinic. To organise a free assessment or to speak to someone who has completed treatment here, call 0141 427 3491.

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