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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Neath Port Talbot

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Neath Port Talbot

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Are you or a loved one in need of rehab in the Neath Port Talbot area but don’t know where to start? Rehab Guide can help. Our team specialise in finding centres that are suited to people struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

We have decades of experience finding rehabs that suit you, giving you the best chance of recovery. Whatever substance you are addicted to, we can find a clinic to meet your needs.

Finding a rehab isn’t difficult, but finding a rehab that can provide an effective program amidst a safe and comfortable backdrop can be challenging.

Our experienced team members can help you find a rehab in the Neath Port Talbot area that can meet that criteria.

Choosing a Rehab in Neath Port Talbot

There are a number of rehab centres in and around Neath Port Talbot County. You should be looking for a clinic that can treat your specific addiction or any mental health issues.

We understand you might prefer to speak online. We have included an online chat option with a fast response time at the bottom left of our website. Or, you could contact us through email.

When you have found an ideal rehab, Rehab Guide will make all of the arrangements for you.

Rehab Options in Neath Port Talbot?

Our clients come from all walks of life. Some people, although needing help, cannot commit to full-time rehab due to work, family or financial commitments.

If you cannot commit to our four-week inpatient program, then don’t worry. Rehab Guide have other treatments available such as our outpatient program, which allows you to get the same treatment as an inpatient program while having the freedom to come and go a the end of each treatment day, so you can attend to any commitments you have.

One of our more popular options for those with limited time or budget is the home detox.

Home Detox in Neath Port Talbot

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol without the right help and supervision can be dangerous, but with Rehab Guide, there is no need to worry.

A specialist doctor will assess you and offer a prescription or clinic visit to provide your medication. You will also have plenty of time to discuss the process and ask any questions you may have.

Home detox usually lasts around a week, depending on the substance used and for how long, so we strongly suggest surrounding yourself with trusted friends and family that can support you.

All medications prescribed are approved by a detox doctor based on your medical history to ensure your comfort and safety.

Once you have completed your home detox, you will be signposted by our support team to a number of services in the Neath Port Talbot area.

What can I Expect From my First Day at Rehab?

The first day should be easy and simple, with an introduction to the clinic and a medical assessment from the detox doctor. You will have any prescription medication you need and can discuss the details of your first few weeks. This is the first big step to a new life free from drugs or alcohol.

The rehab staff will be there to welcome you and take you around the clinic and surrounding grounds so you can familiarise yourself with the facilities.

After a brief tour and an introduction to your support team, you will be shown to your room to settle in and unwind before beginning your medical detox.

Medical Detox in Neath Port Talbot

The first part of your rehab program will be a medical detox. This takes around 2 weeks at most usually, and depending on what you are addicted to and how much you have been taking it, the period might be shorter.

The medical detox will be led by our in-house team of doctors and nurses, who will observe you throughout the week, making sure you are comfortable.

Detoxing can be taxing for the body, so you will provide medication designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

It is essential to complete the medical detox before moving on to the next stage of your program.

What Happens in Residential Rehab

Rehab as an inpatient will usually take around 1-4 months, including detox. This gives you time to rest and reevaluate the cause and effects of your addiction and how you plan to make meaningful changes to achieve recovery long term.

Each day you will take part in a combination of the following:

  • Group therapy or role-play sessions
  • Individual therapy with a counsellor
  • A holistic therapy or treatment such as yoga, reiki or exercise
  • Enjoy sober social activities
  • Eat and enjoy recreation with your fellow residents

The aim of the counselling sessions is to explore your addictive nature and how to deal with triggers and temptations outside of rehab. Various forms of counselling are offered in rehab, so it is a good idea to make sure the centre you are going to provides a style that you are comfortable with.

Rehab Activities in Neath Port Talbot

All of our rehab have a variety of activities, including yoga, light aerobic classes, boxercise, aromatherapy, mindfulness, meditation and many more.

Some clinics may not have all of the activities available, so if you have a specific interest that you would like, please speak to one of our advisors about the options in each of our rehabs. Many rehab centres also offer support and accompany you to local services such as health and fitness centres and recreational activities, including hiking, fishing, and art and crafts.

Aftercare Rehab in Neath Port Talbot?

The last day of rehab is an anxious time for everyone. After all, you are going back to the environment that helped breed your addiction in the first place, but it is important to remember what rehab is all about. Your time spent in rehab is in preparation for this day, and you will not be alone.

Rehab Guide will direct you to local counsellors, addiction support groups, and AA and NA meetings. These aftercare services are free and are happy to support you on your ongoing journey to a sober life.

Find below a list of free services in Neath Port Talbot to help you continue your recovery after rehab:

Newid 01792 472002 or Neath Port Talbot: 01639 633630

Community Drug & Alcohol Team PSALT Adferiad Recovery: Neath: 01639 633630, or Port Talbot: 01639 890863

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Meeting Port Talbot St Mary’s Centre, St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Pl SA12 6DZ 01792301907 Saturday & Monday at 19.30

Attending aftercare services is vital to your long-term recovery, and those who attend regularly are less likely to relapse.

Please call Rehab Guide today, so we can plan a treatment designed to get your life back on track. Our experts are available 24/7 to advise you on the rehab options in Neath Port Talbot.

Our staff have been in rehab and recovery themselves, so there is no one better to understand your situation.

We are here to put your mind at ease by providing reliable services that cover counselling, interventions, and advice on how the rehab process works.

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