Alcohol-Free Activities in London | No Alcohol Required!

Alcohol-Free Activities in London

Fun activities to do in London that doesn’t involve alcohol

Collecting ideas for a fun date with a friend or a romantic meet-up that doesn’t involve alcohol in London?

Have a look at our exciting list of alcohol-free activities for you to enjoy in the city of London.

Just because you don’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop, but preparation is key when you are in early recovery. Looking for things to do without alcohol requires planning. By planning, you can ensure that the events you attend are fun and interesting and not focused on intoxicants.

When you’re going teetotal, you know your old ways of drinking or taking harmful drugs have to stop, but that means some lifestyle changes need to occur to maintain your sobriety. Finding tee-total activities is hard to do, and you may find that finding things to do in London at night without drinking will be especially hard. However, exploring new experiences is one way of beginning your new life away from alcohol or drugs.

The Coronavirus is still lingering, so we have done all the hard work for you when it comes to finding an event that’s still operating, but now that it’s past 2022, most places will be open.

things to do in London at night without drinking

Wild Food Tour

Tour with

Forage London & Beyond

About the Tour

Take a foraging tour in London and be surprised at the hidden gems that you’d never expect to find in the city. A wild food expert guides you through the green spaces, nature reserves and common areas. Learn about new plants, their nutritional benefits, how to prepare them and their history.

This is a fantastic teetotal activity because not only will it open your eyes to the nature surrounding you; it is also a 2-hour tour which is a good way to exercise and keep healthy!

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Afternoon Tea in a Secret Garden

Venue Location

London Secret Garden

About the Venue 

Experience an indulgent afternoon tea in your own private dome at the ‘London Secret Garden’. In your own personal ventilated pod, you and your date will be able to truly appreciate a posh high tea in one of Kensington’s beautiful gardens.

The menu consists of dressed-up classics, scones and a variety of different tea flavours.

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Luna Open Air Cinema

Venue Location

The Royal Hospital Chelsea

About the Venue 

Enjoy a peaceful cinematic experience on the vast 63 acres of grounds surrounding the Royal Hospital of Chelsea.

Surprise your date with some extraordinary teetotal drinks and snacks to indulge in during the flick: pre-order traditional shortcrust pastry pork pie, confit duck scotch eggs or a handmade sausage roll.

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Visit the Chelsea Gardens

Venue Location

Chelsea Physic Garden

About the Venue

In recovery, finding a peaceful place to relax is priceless. Take a stroll in the Chelsea Physic Gardens, and you’ll be doing just that. Situated just off the Thames in the heart of London, this ‘secret garden’ founded in 1673 has an interesting history to discover and is home to 5000 different medicinal, herbal, edible and useful plants.

Why not book a table at the cafe and enjoy a picnic within the plants.

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Putting at the Park

Venue Location

‘PUTT at the PARK’ in Battersea Park

About the Venue

Get a game of mini-golf at the beautifully designed 12-hole course in Battersea Park. With waterfall displays and rockeries, this mini-golfing adventure is a perfect place to enjoy a scenic walk with friends, family or dates.

Enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage and some classic clubhouse food.

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Recovery Cafes in London

Venue Locations

Sunshine Recovery Cafe on Kingston Road & Tooting Recovery Cafe on Garratt Lane in London

About the Venues

Staying teetotal is hard work after coming to terms with your addiction, but you can get support from people who have been through the same struggles. Go along to recovery cafes for a safe and supportive space if you’re finding it difficult to cope.

There is no need for an appointment, although it is best to double-check the cafe booking policies during the COVID pandemic. You’ll be welcomed with a listening ear, group activities, one-to-one support, and advice in a chill-out space serving food and drinks.


Or Feel Like a Walk?

If you don’t fancy any of the alcohol-free activities mentioned, there are other things to do in London without alcohol like taking a walk.

London is a beautiful place to saunter through, so if you feel like having a stroll, here’s a list of some picturesque walks:

Parkland Walk, The Wandle Trail, The London Loop, Green Chain Walk, The Line, The Thames Path, The Jubilee Loop, Kew Gardens, Hampstead Heath & Regent’s Canal.

Keep up to date with alcohol-free events near you in London by clicking here: Alcohol-free events in London

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