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Catch it early “Best Possible Start”

For many people, having your first drink is almost a rite of passage. It is a sign you are growing up and no longer a kid, where you can drink like the adults. However, it is becoming more and more...

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London – The Chemsex Capital Of Europe

London has recently been hailed the chemsex capital of Europe according to information collated by The Global Drugs Survey. The report further found that young Brits are most likely to engage in chemsex out of all the countries in Europe,...

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Alcohol Use in the Military

People who choose to join the military often do so with their eyes wide open, knowing the risks and dangers associated with it. They will be the ones literally putting their lives on the line should a crisis occur, and...

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Alcohol: The Leading Drug of Choice

There is a lot of media focus on opiates and the opioid epidemic that is ruining many lives right now. This does take the focus off what still is, and has been for a long time, the leading abused substance,...

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Alcohol, Drugs & Student Life

A College Student’s Guide to Drug Abuse With exams to pass and bills to pay, student life can be a very stressful life indeed. You may find yourself (or know a friend who is) relying more and more on alcohol or...

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