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Alcohol Abuse in College Students

Alcohol abuse and binge drinking is a common problem with students that attend college and university. After years of following a rigid timetable at school, students suddenly find they have a new freedom level with very few boundaries. Millions of...

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Alcohol and a Good Night’s Sleep Don’t Mix

Alcohol being used regularly to enable sleep can not only cause dependence and addiction but will also make an initial sleep problem much worse. In moderation, using alcohol to unwind and relax after a stressful day is generally not a...

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Deadly Fake Benzodiazepines Gain Popularity During Covid-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 understandably has caused numerous people to suffer from their mental health. Symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression, isolation and insomnia have become commonplace for many. Even those with no previous medical history of mental health issues have experienced the...

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Teetotal Activities in London

Collecting ideas for a fun date with a friend, or a romantic meet-up that doesn’t involve alcohol in London? Have a look at our exciting list of alcohol-free activities for you to enjoy in the city of London. Just because...

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How Has Lockdown Affected Your Drinking Habits and Mood?

Amongst concerns that more individuals have been turning to alcohol as a source of comfort, various studies have been conducted into peoples drinking habits during the Covid-19 lockdown around the world. Whilst many in the UK are ecstatic over restrictions...

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This Is Your Brain On Alcohol

Most of us know that a heavy night of drinking can leave us feeling befogged and hungover the next day, but did you know just how bad alcohol is for healthy brain function and the long term impact that regular...

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