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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Burton-on-Trent

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Burton-on-Trent

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Trent

Going into rehab with the idea that you want to recover and need to get well is vital to your success. We must understand that this is a long-term change we are making, a lifelong goal of abstinence.

Making this decision before and during rehab means first finding the right rehabilitation centre for you or a loved one. If you want to find the best inpatient drug and alcohol rehab Burton-on-Trent has to offer we can help. Advice on everything from detox to budget we are here to help.

The size, location and treatment options vary, and there are several different alcohol rehab centres in Burton-on-Trent. You should go to a rehab where the ethos and treatment plans sync with your ideas and goals even more than the physical considerations. There are many areas of rehab where compromise might be needed, especially in regard to location and price. Treatment is the most crucial part of rehab, and this is not an area where you should accept less than you need. Rehab is somewhere to escape daily pressure and temptations, making the right culture more important than the exact location.

Choosing a rehab in Burton-on-Trent might seem daunting, but our team are here to help you with this all-important decision. They have decades of experience in rehab and counselling, and our database of rehab centres can give you an overview of all the options available.

Going to Rehab in Burton-on-Trent

Residential alcohol rehab is the safest way to detox and recover from addiction in Burton-on-Trent. This consists of detox, the physical removal of alcohol or drugs from your system, followed by therapy. A stay of around 4 weeks is the norm in rehab; this gives you the chance to complete all the stages of rehabilitation. The psychological therapy section can be the most challenging as many of those addicted to alcohol don’t know the effect that behaviour has on addiction. Studies suggest that engaging in therapy in groups or a counsellor has the most significant influence on your chances of long-term recovery.

Addiction is considered a disease without a cure, only treatment. This means that you cannot return to casual use once you have an addiction. This is a challenging experience, but rehab gives you the tools you need to live with this huge change. Our mental health has a bearing on our ability to cope with the stresses and strains life gives us. Addiction is no exception, and many of those who go into rehab treatment have undiagnosed mental health concerns. Whether they drink or take drugs to forget or aid them in feeling more capable of socialising or working, this is a cycle that must be broken. There is hope for those in rehab treatment. Around the UK, addiction groups and recovery cafes are full of people who have made that choice to fight against addiction and stay free from alcohol or drugs.

Rehab as a Safe Space

One of the most significant issues for those who realise they need help is: alcohol is everywhere. Drinking is very common in the UK, and those who do enjoy alcohol often find it hard to understand how it can get so out of control. You might once have drunk for fun, but when it starts to be the centre of your life, you can fall into addiction easily. This is even more, the case for those who spend lots of time with other people who drink. You may wish you could lock yourself away from everyone who is drinking but isolating yourself isn’t good either! Rehab offers you what you might dream of during early recovery a safe, comfortable place with similar minded people and absolutely no alcohol or drugs available.

Many people choose rehab after trying and being unable to quit a few times due to withdrawal. You may even have broken your resolve before when those around you encouraged you to have ‘just one drink’. If this is the case, a rehab in Burton-on-Trent could be the solution. Rehab is both easier and safer than recovery in the community. You will have round the clock medical supervision during detox. Medical detox is another advantage of inpatient rehab. The prescriptions given by the detox doctor will manage your symptoms and give you the chance to rest and recuperate rather than struggle.

Do you need to go to Rehab?

Rehab Guide

Then, what are the signs that suggest we have gone beyond conventional ‘overdoing’ it and strayed into a severe dependence? The aftereffects of drinking excessively are well known, and you feel sick, dehydrated and exhausted. However, if these symptoms continue for days after you have stopped drinking and are accompanied by other symptoms such as shaking, you are likely going through withdrawal. If you are experiencing physical withdrawal, your body is dependent on alcohol, and you need detox and rehabilitation.

It can be easy to find reasons to drink; excuses such as ‘I’m stressed’ or ‘it’s been a long week’ can fill our heads. If you are thinking about alcohol for a large part of the day and even night, this is a strong sign you need treatment. Your addiction will also negatively affect your relationships with those around you, including family and friends.

It is easy to be in denial about your need for treatment, but if you can reach a point where you are ready to search for “inpatient alcohol rehab centres near me” or “rehab UK alcohol” to get the help, that is the all-important first step. If you would like professional support in your search, we can advise you on the rehabs in Burton-on-Trent and what they or another rehab further afield can offer you or a loved one.

Treatment in Rehab Burton-on-Trent

Treatment for addiction varies depending on the person and the nature of the addiction. All the rehab we recommend in Burton-on-Trent uses a holistic program. Detox and psychological therapy will be at the heart of any treatment, and depending on the ethos of the rehab centre, other support will be provided. This part of rehab can be anything from art and music therapy to re-education in sober living and socialising. Matching those struggling with addiction and rehab that gives them what they need is our primary purpose, and we can help every step of the way.

Your Mental Health in Rehab

You may be asking why you struggle with addiction when you never intended to let your drinking spiral. There are many types of alcoholism. Some are behavioural or lifestyle triggered. These people will either live or work in an environment that encourages alcohol abuse. Changing this lifestyle and examining the reasons for falling into this behaviour can help them break the pattern and recover. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is typically used to deal with such behaviour and emotion-based issues.

Another group entirely is that which suffers from unacknowledged mental health concerns. An addiction to alcohol and drugs can often stem from a need to ‘numb’ pain or trauma. Attempting to detox without addressing this original issue will lead to relapse and continuing the cycle of addiction.

Why Rehab helps

Imagine a place where you are free from stress, judgment and temptation. Rehab is just such a place; you will be surrounded by others who have gone through or are going through exactly what you are. Far from being pushed to drink or take drugs, you will be supported in your efforts to remain clean and sober. An alcohol-free rehab in Burton-on-Trent gives you breathing space and a support network while you work on your journey to recovery.

What Happens After Rehab?

You might start your journey by searching for “local alcohol rehab centres near me” or “alcohol treatment programs near me,” even such a small thing is a giant leap. During and after recovery, you will find that this is a community. Being part of the abstinent crowd will provide you with the social and emotional support you need. There are several private alcohol rehabilitation centres in Burton-on-Trent and public rehab alcohol centres; remember, the most important thing is that you seek help. Alcohol addiction is a serious matter.

After rehab, your counsellors will help you find a group locally or online that can help you stay on the path of recovery. There are several larger organisations such as the AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) and the more modern SMART recovery. The most important thing is finding a group that works for you. Contact our team of rehab experts for advice, information and recommendations on the right alcohol rehab for you.

Looking for an Alcohol Rehab Clinic in Burton-on-Trent?

If you think it’s time to start looking at alcohol rehabilitation programs, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you with everything you need to know about alcohol recovery UK.

Whether you’re new to recovery, have co-occurring addictions with mental health disorders, or are just starting, there are resources for you. Contact us on 0207 205 2845 to find out your options, discuss the next steps, and see what alcohol treatment centres could do for you. We work with rehabs in Burton-on-Trent and throughout Staffordshire including Stoke on Trent, Newcastle under Lyme, Stafford, Lichfield and Cannock.

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