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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Loughborough

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Loughborough

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The need for drug and alcohol rehab in Loughborough is high as it is throughout the country, but choosing the right clinic can be challenging. It is widely known that the government’s recommended weekly amount of fourteen units of alcohol is the limit for human capacity.

However, many are surpassing that limit, and the price being paid by everyone is at an all-time high. For most of us, alcohol is seen as nothing more than a substance we occasionally enjoy. But some of us abuse it and, therefore, can acquire health problems through addiction.

Alcohol is not the only drug being abused in the area. Drug abuse is also a concern. Illegal and prescription drugs are circulating in abundance, increasing the need for rehabilitation. It may not always be obvious to you or someone close that your lifestyle requires drastic change. Rehab is not always desirable due to negative stereotyping surrounding illnesses that derive from substance abuse. Therefore, it is easy to continue their abuse and further delay the critical need for help.

Here at Rehab Guide, it is our priority to help people see that they have a real need for rehabilitation. Once this need has been established, we then provide those in need of help the support in finding the right clinics and facilities. Rehab Guide is a free referral service. We work closely with organisations in and around Loughborough and throughout the UK, where treatment for various addictions is provided. If you are struggling with substances of any kind, please call our Rehab Guide team today.

Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Have Personal Treatment Plans?

Nowadays, there is no longer a one size fits all type of treatment offered to every single client when they arrive at the clinic. It is now widely known by drug and alcohol rehabs in Loughborough, and other parts of the UK, that every patient has exceptional needs and therefore requires a treatment plan that is custom to them as a person.

The world of addiction is complex. The illness that comes with addiction affects people in a wide range of different ways. Treatment plans must be designed around the person’s specific needs and adapt to any occurring changes during treatment. For example, the kind of substance that has been abused will be an element in determining a plan and factoring in the length of time the substance has been abused for.

Dual Diagnosis in Rehab

Many clients struggling with an addiction usually have an accompanying mental health disorder. It is, therefore, critical that both mental health disorders and addiction are treated. Clients with a dual diagnosis will require a more complex treatment plan going forward, and, likely, they will also require a longer stay in residential rehab.

When treating both mental health issues and addiction, it can be difficult for therapists and counsellors to tell if the mental health problem caused the substance abuse or if it is a factor in the substance abuse. Regardless of this difficulty, both issues need to be treated simultaneously without impacting the treatment process of the other. It is a very difficult balance to manage.

At Rehab Guide, we will begin by assessing your current situation before contacting rehab to determine whether or not you have a dual diagnosis. We know which addictions the various treatment providers in Loughborough specialise in and which centres are proficient in treating clients with dual diagnoses. The experience and in-depth knowledge allow us to seek the most suitable rehab for your situation.

Overcoming Addiction in Rehab

The most suitable provider in your area depends on your addiction and personal ethos. It does not matter what type of substance you are struggling with at the moment. We can help you overcome it. The right help and support are out there, and Rehab Guide can help you find the most suitable provider in your area. Loughborough has plenty of inpatient and outpatient treatment programmes that can support you with the physical and psychological issues contributing to your illness.

There are some clear differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment programmes. The most significant difference is that patients from inpatient treatment will attend outpatient daycare programmes while continuing with their inpatient care.

Regardless of the programme you are on. You can expect to be involved in many of the treatments involved with recovery. These treatments can include Person-centered, group therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, and the 12-step work, which of course, will not stray from the standing principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The counsellors and therapists in the clinic will often combine aspects of the 12 steps into other therapy sessions to help patients be a light to themself, essential for long-term recovery.

Choosing a Rehab in Loughborough

At Rehab Guide, our expert team is happy to help you choose which rehab in Loughborough is right for you. The team here has decades of experience in both addiction and rehabilitation services.

Most of our staff have been in rehab, so they understand your situation. We can provide counselling, interventions for a loved one, and advice on how the rehab process works. So, do not hesitate to call.

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