Solvents Inhalants

Solvents / Inhalants

Solvent / Inhalant Abuse.

The term ‘inhalants’ is used here to refer to household products inhaled specifically for intoxication, not medically indicated for inhalation such as for Asthma treatment or Nitrous Oxide (dental anaesthetic).

Commonly seen as the ‘bottom rung’ of the intoxicant ladder, inhalant users often do not have access to or the money to purchase other drugs. Often, these are children and younger drug users and the homeless.

The production of solvents is too complex to be done by non-commercial sources, but the products are easy to come by anyway. Their use can induce anything from intense euphoria, through symptoms similar to alcohol abuse to hallucinations. However, the side effects of inhalant use range from a sore throat, through choking on vomit and pneumonia, to death from sudden cardiac arrest.

So if someone you or someone you know or care about is having difficulties with solvent abuse, pick up the

phone today and call Rehab Guide on 02072052845 we will guide and support you to access the help and support

you need.

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