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Treatment Discounts

Treatment Discounts

Treatment Discounts

Unable to afford rehab?

Hundreds of others were struggling too until they discovered this.

Not all clinics offer this – but it can help keep rehab costs down – or make rehab a realistic option where it wasn’t before.


There’s a specific question you can ask that will:
– instantly slash up to 40% off the cost of rehab
– regardless of where you are in the UK
– net you significant savings, without compromising your choice of clinic, treatment program, or length of stay.


Sound good?


Here it is:

“Do you offer shared rooms?”


The thing is, there *are* clinics that hold a small inventory of rehab rooms on a shared room occupancy basis.


What does this mean? Usually, you share a room in the facility with one other person (of the same gender) for the duration of your stay.


But, this lets you access the *same* high-quality rehab program (ask us for free advice), with the *same* high levels of personal attention, in the same clinic, at the same place…but for up to 40% *less* than others.


Now, let’s be frank. The purpose of being there is of course to complete a full detox, and access a therapeutic program that helps you resolve the REAL cause of your addiction, not just the symptoms.


And, in a shared room, all of these crucial elements, which set the strongest possible foundation in your recovery journey are STILL there and exactly the same.


But – full disclosure here – although not all clinics offer this – we know the ones that do, and we can negotiate this reduction on your behalf (no charge).


Where funds are tight, we’d FAR rather recommend you a shared room in a clinic that we know has an OUTSTANDING treatment program than a personal room in a cheap clinic with a substandard approach.


You need the best possible start in your recovery journey…and we can help.


We know the clinics that offer this discount, and we’ll do the work for you.


Our advice on rehab, and how to keep costs low, is available for free. You should probably call.


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