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About our Alcohol Rehabs in Glasgow

Rehab Guide provides professional guidance for people looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Glasgow and throughout the U.K. Finding the right rehabilitation centre for you, or a loved one can make all the difference to their recovery. Ideally located for rest and recovery our addiction treatment centres near Glasgow are both easily accessible and secluded offering peace and privacy.

Rehab Guide offers drug and alcohol treatment in Glasgow

Choosing a rehab centre that is close enough for a quick admission and visits from family members can be very important for many people suffering from addiction

But, understandably, there’s going to be a lot of fear and uncertainty going into this entirely new experience. Finding substance abuse and alcoholic help is tough, yet by knowing exactly what awaits the job is made that much easier. Upon admission, all patients receive a full assessment conducted by a consultant psychiatrist. This is followed by an intensive programme of detoxification. During this time, patients also attend therapy sessions. Therapy includes traditional psychotherapy mixed with a range of all-natural holistic therapies. This ensures the underlying causes of addiction are fully treated before you leave our care.



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You will be in an alcohol-free environment, away from the temptation of readily available alcohol.  You will receive daily counselling from specialist alcohol counsellors and get to witness and understand the difficulties others have had with alcohol.  You may be prescribed some medication on a short-term basis to keep you relaxed and to help you sleep. Most detox units will offer the option of staying on after completion of detox for a period of residential rehab. Residential rehab involves staying in a unit for a period of time in an alcohol-free environment.  There is minimal risk of relapse as patients are living and learning from others with alcohol problems and as a generalization this is the best form of counselling available.  It is also so intense because people are confronted every time if they try to deny they have a problem.

Offering a practical and evidence-based approach to treatment

Alcohol rehab that is residential, is the type of alcohol rehab where the patient takes part in treatment during the day, and also receives treatment and counselling sessions in the evening.  Alcohol rehab residential generally takes place over the course of 28 days which is the minimum recommended time to get started on your recovery from alcohol dependence. With an alcohol rehab outpatient programme, the patient would attend the facility or clinic on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for a period of weeks or months depending on both the patient’s needs and availability.

There are several benefits to choosing  alcohol rehab residential, for instance, a residential alcohol rehab program for one’s addiction treatment will include:

Treatment provided

The most important aspect of alcohol rehab residential is the ’round the clock’ professional supervision available. This will include:

To meet this aim, our clinics employ a dedicated team of doctors, therapists, counsellors and key workers. Combined, our team possess a wealth of experience at defeating substance misuse and addiction. We have a focused, highly personalised approach to treatment We offer a highly tailored programme of addiction treatment

No matter what drug you are addicted to, there is an effective treatment for your problem. The experts at our Glasgow clinics have successfully treated numerous patients in the past who had similar addictions to you. Drug and alcohol addiction treatments need to be specific to the drug and the needs of the individual suffering from its effects. Only professionals can treat the withdrawal symptoms completely and successfully, anticipating new withdrawal symptoms and providing treatment for them to ensure every patient has the best possible chance to get clean and get their life back.

You can seek help with us at one of our Glasgow facilities. You can receive the treatment you need there from caring and skilled professionals who know how to treat any level of alcohol addiction.

Why choose Rehab Guide?

Glasgow is home to Rehab Guide and naturally, we have sourced various Alcohol Treatment programs, Community Based Alcohol
Services and Private Residential Rehabilitation Clinics for you.

For any guidance regarding Alcohol treatment in Glasgow, or to take the plunge and request information about getting into
treatment in the Glasgow area, just contact Rehab Guide on 0141 427 3491 or by an e-mail via our Contacts Page.




Alcohol Rehab Glasgow

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