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Affordable Addiction Rehab

Affordable Addiction Rehab

Rehab Cost Saving

Looking for affordable drug or alcohol rehab? The perfect compromise on location, room sharing and accommodation are all options we can help with.

For some people, luxury rehab is an option but if you are looking for cheaper rehab there are plenty available. There are some things that are important to one person but not others. We are of course referring to accommodation and location, treatment is not an area for compromise. Below we have listed some of the best ways to save money on rehab.

Sharing a Room

This is one of the biggest reductions in price outside of location. It can be helpful when you don’t want to leave a certain area but need a low-cost option. Many rehabs believe that sharing a room in rehab keeps you accountable to others, allows sharing and prevents isolation. Even if sharing a room isn’t something you want, there are savings to make if, for example, you are happy to share bathroom facilities. If you are used to sharing a room or don’t mind doing so, then we can suggest rehab centers that offer this as an option.


Another area of rehab to consider is what facilities they offer. Some mid-range and luxury rehabs provide in-house exercise, complementary (massage, reiki, aromatherapy) treatments and private grounds.

On the budget end, you can use local public sports facilities, pay as you go for complementary treatment and enjoy the often beautiful local area.

Rehab Holidays

It might not make sense on the face of it, but often, travelling to rehab abroad can save you a lot of money. This is because many countries are set up for a lower cost of living and accommodation costs less. This doesn’t mean fewer facilities, in fact, many alcohol and drug rehab centers in Europe are set up in high-end former hotels.

If you are based in the UK, then flights to European destinations such as Spain and Portugal are affordable. You may well find on balance that going for a rehab holiday saves you a lot of money. There are other advantages too, you can enjoy some distance from your life and a better climate can help alleviate low mood. Those who don’t want to travel so far can find rehab in Ireland which offers excellent savings on inpatient rehab.

Low-Cost Rehab Locations

Even in the UK, there is a difference in price depending on where you go to rehab. It makes sense that a rural rehab near Glasgow will be less expensive than one in central London. This is not to say that there are no luxury rehabs in rural locations, and some cities or towns are less expensive. Some of the lower-cost locations are in more rural or remote areas, especially in Wales and Scotland.  Availability is another factor in this balance of price and location. If a rehab near you is almost full, then they are less likely to offer a money-saving option, such as a shared room. On the other hand, a rehab facility further away might be at half capacity and be able to offer better rates at the time you want to go.

Alcohol Detox at Home

One of the most expensive parts of any rehab stay is the detox. The reason for this is the level of care needed during alcohol and drug detox. You will need 24-hour medical supervision and help with simple chores such as cooking, cleaning and self-care when you detox. Add to this the cost of providing you with a medical prescription for withdrawal symptoms, and the detox adds a significant amount to even an affordable drug rehab.

Alcohol rehab withdrawal can be just as challenging and needs medication and supervision around the clock.

If you find the cost of detox is stopping you from getting help, you should consider home to safely detox from alcohol at home. Home detox will allow you to stay at home, and the cost is around £1500 for a full detox package. The doctor will visit or call you and offer a prescription and advice. You can get counselling online if you prefer or even transfer to rehab after detox when the cost will be lower.

Addiction vs Rehab Costs

In many rehabs, part of your therapy will be adding up how much your addiction has cost you. This can come as a shock to many people. Even the average UK family spends around £1000 on alcohol a year, with people 50-60 years old higher than this.

For people who are addicted to alcohol, the number can be closer to £5,000-10,000, especially if you drink out and prefer more expensive drinks. Over 20 years, this can add up to an average of £180,000 or more.

This is just the amount spent on actually drinking. You also risk losing your job, debt, divorce and family separation. Rehab might seem like a big upfront cost, but there are ways to manage the price. Take a look at our price guide to see the range of prices and options available.

Remember, the true cost of addiction is not always obvious when you are in it.

How We Can Help

Now that you know all the factors that affect the price of rehab stays, you may be wondering how you can find somewhere that matches you. Our team can use Rehab Guide’s database of rehab clinics to find somewhere that matches your needs as closely as possible within your budget.

You can tell us where you are willing to compromise and where you aren’t.

For example, I want to go to rehab near me, but I don’t want to share a room.

We will help you to find the perfect place for you to recover without causing financial stress. If you want to know more about what rehab costs in the UK and worldwide we can give you an overview of how to get the most for your time and money.


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