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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wythenshawe

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Wythenshawe

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Finding a Rehab in Wythenshawe

If you are ready to meet your addiction head-on but don’t know where to start in finding the rehab in Wythenshawe that is the right fit for you. There is help available.

We can narrow your search to all the rehabs in the Wythenshawe area that meet your personal preferences, whether a rehab that provides a secluded environment with privacy or rehab with specific treatments and facilities.

So if you are currently looking for rehabs but are unsure which one to invest in, please call Rehab Guide today, and we can talk you through all of the services available from our reputable range of clients.

What if I am Here for a Loved One?

Helping a friend or loved with an addiction one can be stressful. One day they may ask you for help and then play it down the next. You may have phoned addiction services many times, eventually fizzling out due to your loved ones’ lack of commitment.

This can be frustrating and can often discourage us from getting involved sometimes. This is not uncommon, and if this is the case for you, hang in there.

At Rehab Guide, we specialize in arranging interventions. Intervening is a very fragile process that we take very seriously. It is a game of fine margins. That is why we only use highly trained and experienced professionals. We are confident that our intervention team can help your loved ones realize they need help.

How Does Rehab Work?

Even though all rehabs have the ultimate goal of getting you sober, they all have their way of getting you there.

This means that they have their own approaches to finding out what treatments will benefit you and your recovery.

What Happens Once I Arrive at Rehab?

The first part of your treatment will be an assessment carried out when you arrive. This assessment will be carried out by the same team that will be there throughout your stay.

The assessment is thorough and, therefore, can be overwhelming, but it will provide your team with all the information they need, which can be vital for any potential bumps along the road.

What Happens After my Assessment?

The first treatment you will receive will be a medically supervised detox. Medical detoxes can be intense, but they are still the safest and most effective way to rid your body of substances.

All medical detoxes are met with high standards of care and supervision by a medical professional throughout the process.

How Long Does the Detox Last?

The time frame for detox will vary depending on the substance used and how long. In general, detox programs will last between 3 to 10 days.

It is not uncommon for you to be prescribed medication to support you through difficult withdrawal periods.

What Happens After Detox?

Once the medical detox is over, your body will be free of substances and ready to begin a therapeutic program designed around your needs.

Your needs will remain the same during the treatment. That is why your program is left open to any possible changes that may take place. This is called the person-centred approach. Evidence suggests that your person-centred sessions give you the best chance of long-term recovery.

What is Involved in the Sessions?

The initial therapy sessions will be one-to-one, and you will be encouraged to move on to the group sessions.

The group sessions are part of the process that we will always encourage. This is your chance to invest in the expansion of your support network. The support of your peers can be integral to any period of struggle after you leave rehab. Establishing a relationship in rehab with a fellow addiction recoveree will help give you the confidence to contact them when going through difficult times, and vice versa.

What Happens When I Leave Rehab?

After such an intense rehabilitation period, it can be daunting to be suddenly faced with an environment that could bring back all of those forces that helped bring you towards addiction in the first place.

The fear of relapse when leaving rehab is common. That is why it is so important to feel that you have a support network that you can rely on to get you through those anxious spells.

It is important to remember that if you relapse, it does not mean that the journey is over. It just means that you are more than your moments and that this relapse is part of your journey and will pass.

What Support can I get in the Community?

There are many aftercare support centres in and around Wythenshawe. We highly recommend attending as many aftercare meet-ups as possible to see which ones work best for you.

What is Rehab Aftercare?

Aftercare services will always be there, but will you be there too? The truth is, there is no actual cure for substance addiction. If you plan to stay sober for the rest of your life, the key to your long-term recovery will depend on how consistently you attend aftercare services.

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