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What Is DMT?

What Is DMT?

DMT; the spirit molecule

DMT is a plant that produces a substance commonly used to send users on a trip. These trips can cause a host of both visual and auditory hallucinations.

For these and other reasons, it’s known as the “spirit molecule.”

But, beyond that, you may be wondering: Is DMT dangerous? We’re here to answer that question for you by filling you in on all the risks that are associated with DMT.

By the time you’ve finished scrolling through our guide, you’ll have everything you need to know about these spiritual journeys. Read on now for all the answers you’ve been searching for.

Why Is DMT Called the Spirit Molecule?

DMT got its nickname from the side effects that it produces for those that are using it. Many that experience these trips state that even during a DMT bad trip, they felt a spiritual connection.

This was the case whether this connection was with God, other spiritual beings, or aliens. Users explain these experiences as nothing you’ve ever experienced before and have even likened it to the feeling of coming close to death. In fact, it’s the DMT experience of connecting with spiritual beings that are said to lead people to continue using it.

It’s because of these ‘trips’ that users believe they’ve gained a clearer and better understanding of the things going on around them. They claim to feel more connected to the universe and all that it has to offer.

Is DMT Dangerous?

When answering this question, you’ve also got to ask: Is DMT safe?

Regarding the safe consumption of DMT UK researchers have studied its effects extensively. DMT tolerance in the body is said to be low and nonexistent. As we stated earlier, the need to use the drug comes from wanting to experience the trip that it takes you on.

When it comes to DMT overdose, it’s unknown whether people overdose from DMT itself or whether it’s because of a mixture of DMT and other drugs. The truth is that any substance that causes you to become dependent on it and forget all responsibilities or duties is dangerous.

When something in your life becomes addictive and takes over your thoughts and actions, it has become dangerous. Addiction is something that the UK government is continually fighting against.

One way is by ensuring that those who are actively addicted are receiving the help they so desperately need. But, we will touch on that topic a bit later in the post.

DMT Side Effects

Right now, it’s time to take an in-depth look at the risks associated with taking DMT. Not only is DMT dangerous, but it’s also worth asking is DMT legal in the UK or is DMT illegal? It is a Class A drug which means it is illegal to have or distribute DMT in the UK.

Some people are confused about the legality of the substance as it is often shown being used in religious ceremonies. In the USA it is legal to use DMT in religious ceremonies. This doesn’t mean just anyone can use it in a religious setting, only select denominations where it has been used historically. This means that you cannot legally buy DMT in the USA but it can be imported by legally permitted groups.

DMT Serotonin Overdose

When using DMT, it releases sedation in the brain. Serotonin inside the body helps users to spend less time in REM, which is rapid eye movement sleep, and more time in a deeper sleep. But, when you’re constantly using DMT, it can lead to a serotonin overdose.

Experiencing a DMT serotonin overdose can lead to other complications that can end in the user’s death.


Comas are caused when your brain sustains an injury, and it renders the person unconscious unable to do for themselves. Comas can also be caused by alcohol or drug abuse poisoning otherwise known as an overdose.

When your body produces too much serotonin as a result of DMT drug abuse, it can lead to the user falling into a coma. How does this happen, you may wonder? The overdose can also lead to seizure and challenges breathing.

When your brain can’t get the oxygen it needs to function, in the end, someone can be ruled brain dead and pass away. DMT can cause brain damage in this way. There is no way of managing or knowing how severe the damage will be. This is a matter of individual physiology and the effect of even a small amount of the substance can cause severe side effects.

Increased Hypertension

Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure, and for extended periods, this is never a good idea. When a person’s blood pressure remains elevated, it can lead to dangerous and deadly consequences.

High blood pressure can cause the arteries in the body to become hardened and thick as it persists. When your arteries become this way, it can lead to a person experiencing either a heart attack or stroke. And depending on the severity of the heart attack or stroke, a person could die or never be able to take care of themselves without extensive help from a caregiver.

While various medications can be used to combat hypertension, the only way to reduce high blood pressure caused by DMT use is to quit using the substance altogether. This can be challenging for some, and that’s when you need to reach out for help.

Loss of Muscle Control

Every move you make with your body is controlled by a series of muscles and tendons that give you the ability to make these movements. When you’re constantly experiencing the effects of smoking DMT, one risk you take is the loss of muscle control.

This is essentially the loss of being able to control your own body. When you’re not able to control yourself, it can lead to you harming yourself or others that are around you. In severe cases, muscle control that is lost can take many years of rehabilitation and treatment to get back.

These are a few of the risks that you take when you make the decision to consume DMT. Those who use the drug for an extended period of time may experience DMT long term effects.

How Long Does DMT Last?

When you think of the long term effects caused by DMT, it’s not necessarily the high of being on the trip that we’re talking about. Instead, we’re talking about the damage that can be caused by repeatedly using the drug. The DMT side effects short term is that your experience will last upwards of 45 minutes, depending on the method that you’ve consumed it.

At most you’re looking at a few hours of a trip. But when it comes to long term effects, the consequences are much higher. Some people that continually abuse DMT find that they experience side effects even when they’re not using.

For example, someone might continue to have both visual and auditory hallucinations even when they haven’t consumed the drug. Or someone may have flashbacks from previous trips that cause them to become disoriented from reality.

All these can be quite dangerous because it shows possible psychosis. When it comes to a drug-induced psychosis, your brain has been injured. It can take anywhere from days to months to years for the brain to completely heal itself.

DMT Therapy

Alongside a number of other psychedelic drugs, DMT is being investigated by the Imperial College London for its possible use in treating depression. The hope is that the drug will offer a new treatment for disorders such as PTSD, addiction and depression. This does not suggest that using the substance illegally will help with your psychological issues. Any medication would be used in conjunction with other substances and in controlled doses.

How to Get DMT UK

Currently, the only safe way to access DMT if you are hoping to use it to manage a mental illness such as depression or addiction is to join a trial at the Imperial College London. The trials are still looking for participants with these conditions to take part in their research. They will perform an assessment to determine if you are a viable candidate for such experimental treatment.

What’s the UK Government Doing About It?

If you thought the UK government wasn’t taking note of the increase in drug and alcohol-related crimes, addictions, and deaths, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The government has taken a special interest in fighting the war on drugs, including creating a task force back in 2018.

The purpose of the task force is to conduct research to find out what is going on as far as drug and alcohol abuse is concerned across the UK. Once this research has been collected and completed, the task force will then come up with some solutions.

These solutions will then be presented by those that have the power to implement these solutions and make things better for those that are suffering from addiction.

Here are some ways that the government is stepping in to lend a hand to those that greatly need it.

Increasing the Price of Alcohol

It should come as no surprise that alcohol addiction is just as serious in the UK as drug addiction is. That’s precisely why the government saw it fit to increase the prices of the cheaper beverages that can be purchased from liquor stores and pubs.

The hope is that by increasing the price, it will deter people, especially those on the younger side, from seeking out these beverages.

Every so often, the government goes back to collect new data. This allows them to reevaluate whether the price rise has been effective and if it needs to continue to be raised.

Restricting Drug Supply

Another way the government has sought to end the stream of drugs throughout is by reducing the accessibility to drugs, including DMT.

Although they are doing the best they can to reduce the drug supply, they’ve also understood the importance of providing education, especially to younger people. This education consists of letting people know what kinds of things they will face in the real world.

The better prepared they are, the better of someone will be when it comes to standing up and not succumbing to addiction.

Providing Rehabilitation Resources

During the pandemic, it’s been challenging for those that have entered into recovery to continue the recovery journey. Because of the quarantine, many facilities had to cease holding support meetings and other ongoing forms of treatment.

But, rehab facilities continue offering services needed to escape the depths of addiction.

These include holding counselling sessions all in the hopes of combating DMT drug effects, as well as the effects of other drugs and alcohol addictions.

How to Get Help

The first step in conquering addiction is to ask for help, and that in itself can be overwhelming and scary to do.

But, once you’ve realized that you need help and have asked for it, you can then take the next steps of finding a place that will provide you with the treatment you’ve been looking for.

Some important things go into finding the right facility to support all of your needs. Here’s a brief guide that will help you find a treatment centre that not only has what you need but will also help you take the steps necessary to succeed.

What to Look For

When it comes to the place where you seek treatment, take the time to review what they have to offer. The last thing you’re going to want to do is to enter a program that doesn’t have what you need to support you through your addiction recovery journey.

You also want to ensure that you’re able to afford treatment by asking if they accept your insurance. If they don’t, can they work with you on prices and payment options so that you can get the help that you need?

In the end, treatment is what you make of it. You’ve got to work at it because it can be hard when you start uncovering layers of trauma and past events that led to your addiction.

Is DMT Dangerous? More Than You Know

When it comes to answering the question, is DMT dangerous, the clear answer is yes.

When figuring out where do you get DMT from and what is DMT, you’ve found out a lot about the risks that you take whenever consuming the drug. You’ve also found out that DMT effects can be felt even when the drug has not been taken.

We understand this may have been a lot to take in, but we’re here to provide you help so that DMT doesn’t overwhelm you anymore. Contact our experts here at The Rehab Guide.

We’ve got many programs and various treatments that we help those in recovery to overcome. Don’t waste any more time. Today is the day to turn the page in this book and begin the next chapter of your life.

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