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Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Torquay

Drug & Alcohol Rehab In Torquay

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Torquay

Rehab centres are intended to help those in need to break free from the cycle of dependency and achieve balance in their lives by restoring both their physical and mental health.

We can offer emergency rehab in Torquay that combines medical detoxification with 12-step based psychosocial interventions, group therapy and individual counselling.

The number of deaths from drug poisoning in Torbay has doubled in 10 years, and new figures show there were 51 deaths between 2016 and 2018, compared to 24 a decade earlier.

While the statistics for the UK only may be sufficient to make us want to stop drinking for good, according to the World Health Organisation, 3 million people die of alcohol-related causes every year, symbolising over 5% of all deaths.

Our goal is to support individuals to achieve long-lasting abstinence and rebuild their lives free from alcohol or drug addiction. This involves encouraging individuals to develop self-awareness and learn strategies that enable them to take control of their lives and manage their ongoing journey of recovery.

It’s best to be prepared, notwithstanding where you prefer to seek help. Keep reading for more about what to expect from most rehabilitation centres.

Our approach to rehab in Torquay

We know that each patient has their own unique story of addiction. The expert teams at our clinics work with individuals to understand their personal experience of substance use and plan an alcohol rehab programme to address their specific needs.

We also offer guidance and support to family members to help them deal with the consequences of addiction and support their loved one through the treatment process and beyond.

Treatment programmes incorporate :

The specialist doctors, drug rehabilitation nurses and expert behavioural therapists are passionate about helping people to overcome their addiction and achieve long-term abstinence. They combine vocational skills with compassion and empathy and have a thorough understanding of the complexities of alcohol addiction.


Following a comprehensive assessment by phone, our admissions team will provide you with clear instructions to ensure you are fully supported to arrive safely for your alcohol or drug treatment. This will include free advice for family and friends who may be accompanying you. We will also provide details of what you will need during your stay and personal belonging you can bring with you.

Medical assessment

When first admitted to one of our drug and alcohol services, patients receive a thorough physical and mental assessment from the medical team to identify their detoxification and medical needs. Prior to admission, staff will also talk to GP’s, care managers, close family and social networks to build a complete picture of the patients addictive behaviour and its impact on themselves and others. This information is used to develop a personal treatment plan.

Specialist detoxification

Where people require medical detoxification (controlled withdrawal from addictive substances), the doctors will prescribe medication that provides a controlled withdrawal at a rate that is comfortable for the patient

– Alcohol detoxification usually takes place over a period of 14 days, depending on the individual clinical assessment.

– Detox from drugs depends on the type and amount taken and can last between 1 to 4 weeks, although an addiction to prescribed drugs may take longer.

Symptomatic relief is administered by nursing staff using a combination of vitamin replacement, physical and holistic therapies. Also provided is specialist detox support through substance abuse group and one-to-one interventions as part of primary treatment.

Symptomatic prescribing is also available for people who require detoxification from New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

Primary rehab treatment in Torquay

Drug rehab in Torquay consists of an individualised programme of intensive therapeutic activities focused on achieving and sustaining abstinence. The programmes use the guiding principles of the 12-step methodology, combined with behavioural health recovery management, to address the physical, psychological and social aspects of alcohol or drug addiction.

Individuals are supported to develop a unique insight into the causes of their addiction and explore its impact on their lives and those around them. Each individual is supported throughout their treatment journey by an assigned therapist, who is closely involved in developing their personalised care.

Primary treatment activities include :

  • PYSCHOEDUCATIONAL LECTURES: exploring addiction, behaviour and consequences.
  • GROUP THERAPY: Sharing personal experiences and learning from and empathising with peers.
  • HEALTH AND WELLBEING: Activities to support physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  • MUTUAL AID: Building connections and existing recovery communities.
  • ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES: To ease symptoms and teach relaxation and mindfulness.

drug rehab torquay

We recommend a minimum primary treatment period of 4 weeks in order to maximise the potential to sustain personal recovery. However, we do offer 10-day detoxification that offers extended post-treatment support for those whose work commitments and social responsibilities make this difficult.

Secondary treatment

Following primary treatment, many people will be able to return to a safe and supportive home environment they can continue to progress their recovery. Others may not have access to a stable family life or the mutual aid and social networks that are critical to sustaining an abstinent lifestyle.

For those people, we offer a less intensive but equally effective aftercare programme designed to support ongoing recovery. This programme teaches people how to manage high-risk situations and to practice and embed the relapse prevention skills and strategies they learned in primary treatment.

Moving on

Returning to everyday life after rehab in Torquay is a difficult time that can challenge people’s commitment to change. The bespoke aftercare services support individuals to successfully sustain the gains they have made in treatment and maintain their abstinence when they return to life in the community.

We currently help with the following advice:

  • Where to find local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA & NA) meetings in cities, towns and villages
  • Locate local addiction counsellors
  • Advice on maintaining sobriety
  • Set up of sober companions to support through the first part of early recovery
  • alcohol support groups near you

Family programme

Family, friends and employers play a significant role in supporting individuals to sustain their commitment to abstinence following treatment. Our specialist programme helps families and significant others discover how to give effective practical and emotional support to the person in recovery.

The family programme offers a safe space for families to explore the impact of addiction on their lives. We work with them to develop their understanding of addiction and to learn effective techniques for encouraging and supporting their loved one to successfully maintain their recovery.

How to refer – please contact us with your questions or comments. We are here 24/7 and happy to assist, whether you are facing a problem, or you know someone who is. You can make a referral by phone (02072052845) or by using the contact form. We help you to access the very best drug or alcohol rehab in Torquay.

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