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Alcohol: The Leading Drug of Choice

Alcohol; the legal drug There is a lot of media focus on opiates and the opioid epidemic that is ruining many lives right now. This does take the focus off what still is, and has been for a long time,...

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Alcohol, Drugs & Student Life

A College Student’s Guide to Drug Abuse With exams to pass and bills to pay, student life can be a very stressful life indeed. You may find yourself (or know a friend who is) relying more and more on alcohol or...

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Celebrities Who Got Sober

Famous people who got clean and sober From the outside looking in, celebrities appear to have everything. From a film to television stars, musicians, sporting heroes or even astronauts, they seem to live a charmed life. They have fame, success,...

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The Link Between Alcohol And Depression

The relation between alcohol and depression Have you ever talked about ‘drowning your sorrows’ or getting some ‘Dutch courage? If so, you might be on the wrong path. The idea that alcohol can soothe depression or solve anxiety goes against...

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Why Are So Many Men In The UK Committing Suicide?

Why male are more likely to commit suicide Male suicides across the world have hit alarming levels. We only hear about the celebrity suicides from media sources which do not take into account the numerous other individuals who have tragically...

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Coping as a Family with Early Stages of Addiction

Help a family member at the start of recovery The definition of the modern twenty-first-century family is not as easy to outline in terms of the traditional ‘nuclear family’. Nevertheless, the family is as important today as it always has...

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