3 Day Home Detox

There are many types of 3 day home detox diets, some that include the intake of only liquids, some that recommend avoiding white foods and some that claim to focus on eating only fruit and vegetables. What all of these 3 day home detox diets have in common are that they involve fasting, avoiding refined and processed foods and or eating only raw whole foods. Diet detoxes such as these all claim to rid the body of UN-wanted toxins, this we can assure you is nonsense. Some of the more extravagant claims for these 3 day home detox diets are that they will improve your immune system helping to purify your blood and strengthen your body against cancer cells. You may also see claims that doing a three day home detox while taking right supplements will isolate or even eliminate the free radicals and toxins in your body. This again is not scientifically proven and no more that clever marketing to a health conscious nation. Some of the other extravagant claims we have come across during researching’ the home detox diet ‘ are that if you take the right supplements and eat the right foods you can get freedom from your addictions to sugar, salt, high Glycaemic carbohydrates, alcohol, junk foods and even nicotine. If only it was this simple. We can state without reservation that there is not a 3 day home detox diet in the world that will help anyone rid them of an addiction. We know from personal experience that the average alcohol detox procedure lasts 3-7 days. We also know that when someone who has a reliance on alcohol tries to detox on their own without medical supervision or support will put themselves at great risk of having seizures. Detoxing from alcohol is dangerous and extraordinarily painful when not properly managed. Please save yourself the trouble and pain of looking for a quick fix and call us today for free and confidential advice on how to detox from alcohol both safely and comfortably.

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