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Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol in Hastings

Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol in Hastings


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It can be daunting, first, admitting you have a drug or alcohol misuse problem and, secondly, gathering the strength to do something about it.

If you live in Hastings, the good news is that there are several resources and points of support you can draw on, including residential rehab services.

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Hastings Addiction Support

Hastings has more than its fair share of addiction problems and has one of the highest rates of drug-related deaths in the UK. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol problems can affect people of any age and socio-economic background.

You may be suffering from addiction who now wants to change things for the better, rehab can help. It’s important to seek the right support and make changes as soon as possible.

Here we look at the support available for rehabilitation in Hastings, including residential services.

Residential Rehab in Hastings

While it’s often seen as a last resort when all other avenues have been exhausted, seeking out residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Hastings has a lot of benefits. One of the hurdles many people with addictions face is the sometimes negative impact their surroundings, including loved ones and friends, can have.

The key with residential drug and alcohol rehab in Hastings is that it takes you out of that often-chronic loop and gives you a stable start to your recovery. You are in a safe, nurturing environment, and comfortable surroundings, with all the medical and emotional support you need.

Drug and alcohol misuse is very complicated, and the root causes can take a lifetime to unravel. No one person with an addiction is the same as another. For some, it might arise out of past life experiences. For others, their addiction may have started as a fun thing like social drinking but has now gotten out of control for one reason or another.

Residential drug and alcohol rehab gives you a secure location to recover and rebuild your life, supported by various health care and therapeutic professionals.

What Can I Expect from Residential Rehab?

There are several residential drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Hastings, and you can expect a tailored solution to start your recovery. This is delivered by health care and therapy professionals with a good deal of training in this area. Compared to outpatient services, your time at a rehab residence is focused entirely on your needs and can involve everything from initial detox to intensive therapy sessions.

Clinics will offer a range of different therapeutic techniques, including cognitive behaviour therapy (often called talking therapy) and dialectical behaviour therapy. This approach helps you look at how your emotions control your addiction and how to deal with them.

Stays at residential rehabilitation facilities can range from a few weeks to several months. For a chronic addiction, you should expect to stay between 1 and three months to get the full effect and benefits. Rehab locations in Hastings focus on providing residents with comfort, healthy food and plenty of emotional and addiction support.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

The initial part of recovery from an addiction is the detox phase, where the individual stops abusing substances. How this is managed can depend on the type of addiction. For a heroin user, medication is often used to manage withdrawal in the early stages of detox.

Of course, this can be challenging for those who misuse alcohol or drugs. That’s why the support you receive from the residential rehab team in Hastings is so important.

How Much Does Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cost in Hastings

One issue that prevents those with drug and alcohol problems from using residential rehabilitation is the cost of treatment. For a 28-day stay in a clinic, the cost can vary between £6,000 and £7,000, with further weeks charged at around £1,200 a week.

Check out our comprehensive guide to the cost of inpatient rehab services in the UK, including Hastings.

Other Recovery Options in Hastings

The good news is there are options other than going into residential rehab for drug or alcohol misuse in Hastings. If you have a problem with alcohol, for example, local AA meetings are held each week to help you meet like-minded people and find a workable solution and plenty of support.

The STAR drug and alcohol service in East Sussex also covers areas like Hastings and provides non-judgemental support and practical help to those with addiction issues. The Oasis Project is aimed at women with drug and alcohol problems, and they have been at the forefront of delivering interventions in the Hastings area.

Your GP and the NHS can also provide support for drug and alcohol addiction, and it’s important to take that first step and reach out to your surgery if you need help. Your doctor may be able to provide that support at the surgery or might refer you to one of the many local drug services in Hastings.

Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab Support in Hastings

Those with drug and alcohol addictions can find it difficult to admit that they have a problem. When they do, however, support and recovery options are available. This may involve working with your GP or booking into a drug and alcohol rehab service in Hastings.

At the Rehab Guide, we’re here to help you make the right decisions regarding your recovery from addiction. Our friendly and experienced team is non-judgemental and can put you together with the services and support you need to take that important next step.

You can contact our team on 0207 205 2845 or talk to us using the online chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.


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