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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Barking

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Barking

Rehab in Barking group therapy

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Barking

Choosing a drug and alcohol rehab in Barking is a big step, but with the right help, you can begin your recovery from addiction today. When it comes to addiction, no one can help you unless you help yourself. The first stage is admitting that you have a problem while acknowledging that immense change is needed. However, it is not unusual to be in denial about addiction.

The person in question may insist that there is no issue, despite showing all the signs. It may require intervention if this sounds like you or someone close to you. At Rehab Guide, we can provide specialist therapeutic services designed to seek out any issues contributing to addictive behaviours so that you or a loved one can receive the appropriate treatment going forward.

Treatments Available at a Barking Rehab

The drug & alcohol rehabs in Barking can offer a whole range of varied treatments. These treatments are designed to help with drug and alcohol addictions while also being specific to eradicating behaviours that encourage addiction. Whether it is rehab, detox, or counselling that you need, we are here to provide you with all of the necessary information to help you decide what’s best for you going forward. Below is a summary of the treatments included in rehab:

Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment in Barking

Step one – Detoxification

Alcohol or Drug Detoxification is the first initial stage of any rehab program.
During detox, you will gradually desist from the substance your body currently depends on. Medication helps until you are completely clear of any substances, and any withdrawal symptoms that were once unbearable will begin to ease up and be less uncomfortable or life-threatening.

While in rehab, you will be under constant care from expert medical staff who guide and monitor you through every part of your detox. This kind of professional attention will make you feel at ease.
The detox services at our drug and alcohol rehabs in and around Barking focus on guiding you through the fragile process of weaning the harmful and addictive substances from your body.

Due to the fragility of the detox process, well-needed support and medical attention are necessary to give the client the best chance of successfully detoxing.

Step two – Addiction Counselling

Addiction counselling can be very valuable and helpful when overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction. Addiction is considered by many to be a disease of the brain, active through neural pathways, which leads to addictive thinking; this can quickly manifest into compulsive behaviours over which there is very little control.

Rehabilitation relies heavily on counselling due to its flexibility in forming various approaches to treating addiction. At our rehabs in Barking, we have teams of qualified addiction counsellors lying in wait to help you seek out the root causes of your addiction.

Ongoing Rehab Aftercare

Many feel that when rehab ends, you say your goodbyes, and off you go, but that is not the case. You can still receive the best care and attention possible by signing up for the aftercare program. So that even when you are back home, the recovery can continue and grow stronger. Aftercare is vital for your long-term recovery. Without aftercare, it can be very easy to fall back into old habits.

It is worth saying that any addiction aftercare can be an immeasurably important part of your or your loved one’s recovery from alcohol, drugs, or a behavioural addiction. Statistically, those who participate in the aftercare program are far more likely to remain free of addictive substances than those who don’t.

Addiction aftercare is there to help ensure your recovery remains strong and to help reduce the chances of relapse in the early days of sobriety. Once you leave the rehab centre, your recovery is vulnerable, and any suggested aftercare will discourage complacency.

Individual And Group Addiction Therapies

Another integral part of aftercare is the regular attendance of therapy sessions that are taking place in and around the Barking area. These one-to-one or group sessions can help you tackle the mental aspects of addiction that are most difficult by sharing your experiences with others.

Sharing your experiences with family or friends and within professional counselling has been one of the most effective ways of overcoming alcoholism and drug addiction. In these sessions, you have the chance to discuss any issues which could play a role in your dependency and help pave a path to long-term recovery.

The 12-Step Approach

The 12-step approach is a recovery model based on 12 principles to overcome addiction and substance abuse. It has been around and evolving since the 1930s and has been of immense help to many. It is one of the most popular and successful programs on the planet.
Those that partake in the Twelve Steps program soon integrate the steps as a way of direction, leading those to a path towards lasting sobriety and a substance-free lifestyle.

Holistic Therapies To Help Addiction

One of the more recent additions or perhaps the most evolutionary aspects of addiction recovery comes in the form of holistic therapies designed to improve the client’s well-being by reducing stress levels during the withdrawal process of their addiction. The therapies are specific in their design, aiming to heal the mind, body, and spirit rather than just the disease of addiction.

Nowadays, many holistic treatments are available, including yoga, meditation, art, massage, sport and exercise, music, etc.

Is Rehab Free?

Yes, well, at least it can be. There are free services out there, and they are usually accessed through the act of self-referral through your GP. Most of the free services are funded by the NHS and mainly consist of outpatient care, detox counselling, and group counselling. The self-funded outside the NHS are usually charities dedicated to helping those with substance addictions.

Free addiction services in Barking

AA Meeting Barking – Barking Methodist Church, 41 London Rd, IG11 8AL
NA and CA Meeting Barking – Red Lion House, corner of George Street and North Street, IG11 8FE
NELFT Eating Disorder Service – The Orchards Health Centre, Gascoigne Road, Barking, IG11 7RS
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At Rehab Guide, our expert team is happy to advise you in helping you choose which rehab in Barking is right for you. The team here has decades of experience in both addiction and rehabilitation services. Most of our staff have been in rehab, so they understand your situation. We can provide counselling, interventions for a loved one, and advice on how the rehab process works. Please call now to begin your recovery.


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