Rehab in Dublin for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Dublin Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation

Dublin Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation

Finding Alcohol Rehab In Dublin

Dublin is a large city with a population size of around 1,904,806. With so many people living in the same city, there’s no surprise that a sizable segment of the population struggles with alcohol abuse.

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Thankfully, numerous rehab clinics are available to help those who desire to quit drinking.

Alcohol rehab centres provide a variety of services to help people recover from alcohol addiction. For example, patients are offered counselling to help them cope during the recovery process. They’re also given medication to help them deal with uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms.

Many people believe that alcohol rehab centres are only reserved for individuals who struggle with heavy alcohol abuse. However, that isn’t necessarily true. While those who struggle heavily with alcohol abuse should seek treatment immediately, anyone who struggles with problem drinking at any level should reach out to a rehab centre. The sooner you reach out, the better your chances of recovery.

Long-term Symptoms

Long-term drinking can lead to severe consequences such as fractioned relationships, ruined financials, and health complications. Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter how severe your addiction is — reach out to us today to help you find an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Dublin.

Levels Of Alcohol Abuse

Generally speaking, alcohol abuse can be categorised into three levels of severity:

Problem drinking

A problem drinker consumes alcohol more than someone who is considered a casual drinker. From time to time, they drink more than the legal limit and will often drink every day.

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse occurs when a problem drinker exceeds the legal drinking limit regularly. Problem drinkers consume alcohol weekly and often binge drink on the weekends.

Alcohol dependence AKA alcoholism

Alcohol dependence occurs when an individual becomes completely consumed by alcohol. They drink excessively daily and some people may not realise that alcohol can be just as addictive and life-changing as hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. The more a person drinks, the more alcohol distorts their mind, making it extremely difficult for them to use reason.

Because of their impaired ability to reason, many alcoholics tend to ruin nearly every aspect of their lives. For example, they tend to ruin their financials by taking money slotted for an important expense, such as paying off a credit card bill and using it instead to purchase alcohol. Furthermore, alcohol often makes people irritable and uncomfortable to be around, causing them to push away family and friends.

Private Alcohol Rehab In Dublin – Why Choose Us?

Rehab Guide is a leading authority on alcohol rehab centres and alcohol detox clinics in Dublin and the UK. We provide peace of mind and assurance that you or your family member can receive the best possible alcohol treatment available.

By choosing us, you will reap the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive expert alcohol assessment
  • A bespoke medical alcohol detox regime (where required)
  • An individualised alcohol rehabilitation programme that is focused on healing the whole person and rebuilding a sober life
  • A pre-booked alcohol rehab admission date
  • An urgent admission to alcohol rehab (where required)
  • Sober transportation can be arranged for your convenience
  • Dublin’s top alcohol rehabs made available to you
  • A custom made alcohol rehab programme designed specifically to address the underlying causes of alcohol addiction
  • Short term or long term alcohol rehab programmes
  • Alcohol rehab aftercare in Dublin
  • Inpatient and daycare alcohol rehab options
  • Access to the cheapest alcohol detoxes in Dublin that are still comprehensively registered and regulated by authorities
  • Access to Dublin’s premier alcohol rehab facilities and luxury alcohol rehabs
  • Access to primary care alcohol rehab, secondary care alcohol rehab and tertiary care alcohol rehab
  • Access to sober living and supported housing
  • Continued support throughout your course of alcohol treatment and beyond
  • Access to further education in Dublin and volunteering opportunities locally.

Alcohol Rehab Dublin Centres For Alcohol

Rehab centres are designed to help those in need break free from the cycle of dependency and achieve equilibrium in their lives by restoring their physical and mental health.

Find Help In Dublin

Finding aid in Dublin is just a click away. Reach out to an alcohol rehab today to take your life back from the bottle and start focusing on recovering. Recovery begins with the decision to battle your addiction and take your life back. Contact us today.

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