‘Legal High’ Causes Psychosis

The latest ‘legal high’,

Ivory Wave, marketed online and sold as bath salts has been blamed for causing psychotic reactions in those that use it. It is claimed by users to be up to three times stronger than cocaine and is now linked to the death of a 24 year old man. Marketed as ‘bath salts’ in order to skip laws preventing putting drugs in the post,

Ivory Wave costs only £15 per packet and has proven extremely dangerous to users. The mother of one user, admitted to A&E in Scotland, told of how her son was still hallucinating in the hospital days later. The drug has been linked (but not proven responsible) for the death of Michael Bishton, 24, who’s body was recovered from the base of a cliff on the Isle of Wight. In Scotland, 20 young men and women have been admitted to hospital after using Ivory Wave.

One hospital admitted 11 people in 1 week from the Cumbria area, many suffering ‘acute paranoid psychosis’. This is just the latest in a string of ‘party’ drugs to hit the UK. The drug Mephedrone, or ‘meow meow’ was banned by the government after being linked to two deaths, a supposition that was later proven wrong, only 4 months ago in April. The drug Naphyrone swiftly followed and now Ivory Wave is the ‘big thing’. The critical ingredient in Ivory Wave is MDPV, Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (!), which is banned in the UK under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. MDPV, Methylenedioxypyrovalerone on Wikipedia.

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