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Drug & Alcohol Rehabs Perth & Perthshire

Drug & Alcohol Rehabs Perth & Perthshire

Rehab and Addiction Treatment Near Perth

Rehab Guide can help those looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Perth. We can recommend a range of excellent rehab centres available in the area and further afield.

Deciding whether to stay in a rehab centre near you or choose somewhere further away depends on your personal preference. Scotland is a popular region for rehabilitation centres thanks to its abundance of quiet rural locations and ease of accessibility from the U.K. and Europe. With international airports available in the three major cities quick admission to alcohol rehab in Perth is easily arranged.

Perth Scotland Rehab

Why Choose Perth for Rehab?

If you live in the area you may want to stay close to home for your rehabilitation. This is a good idea if you have a strong supportive group of family and friends to aid in your recovery and visit regularly. It is also helpful if you prefer not to travel and want immediate admission.

If you are in another part of Scotland or coming from elsewhere in the UK there are several reasons to choose a rehab near Perth. The area is peaceful and rural which makes a great break from a busy and hectic life.

Spending time in a relaxing and outdoor space is one of the main holistic treatments for alcohol misuse disorder.

The rehab clinics in and near Perth have well-established hospitals and detox centres so there is a range of treatments available.

You can also find more facilities and high-end accommodation for your money. This is thanks to lower costs of living in Perth and the surrounding areas.

Addiciton Treatment Rehabs Perth

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres Perth

Choosing the right alcohol rehab in Perth can be a challenge, with a number of excellent facilities in the area and around Scotland. Expert advice from Rehab Guide’s specialists can walk you through the options and treatments available. Treatment depends on the nature of you or your loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction. Our team will advise you on treatment programs, medical facilities and aftercare in the Perth area. There are a number of drug and alcohol rehabs in Perth and the surrounding area which means a quick admission and immediate treatment are available.

Staying closer to your own home city allows family and loved ones to visit and provide much-needed support during recovery. Most rehab centres in Scotland that we recommend offer the option of medical detox to new admissions. This can provide much-needed relief to the symptoms of withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. We understand that the situation can often be urgent.

Addiciton Rehab Treatment in Perth

Treatment options for those looking for drug or alcohol rehab in Perth are many and varied. Our expert team can help you to find a clinic based on what you are addicted to, how long you have been addicted and any mental health concerns you have.

You might wonder what treatment you will receive in rehab in Perth. The tried and tested method of recovery in steps is used by all the rehabs we recommend. This makes recovery from addiction easier to cope with.

Addiction Detox

The first step is often the hardest. Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is no exception. For so many people the detox is where they fall down and start drinking again. Symptoms and cravings can make it hard to stay sober when you know one drink will make them go away.

All the rehab we recommend in Perth and throughout Scotland offers medical detox. This means medication from the doctor to manage your symptoms and cravings. You don’t need to go ‘cold turkey’ it is important to feel better from the moment you start recovery.

The average stay for detox is a few days to a week. Some rehab centers near Perth offer a separate detox unit and others keep all residents together. Our team can recommend which rehab to choose based on your or a loved one’s preference.

Rehab Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT, 12-step programs and holistic treatments for both the body and mind are vital parts of the addiction recovery process.

The centres that we work with also offer aftercare support for residents who have completed their recovery and returned to a newly sober and clean life.

If there is a chance you might have a mental health issue that is contributing to your addiction it is important to find a clinic that treats both. There are several ‘dual diagnosis’ rehab centers in and around Perth. These offer counselling for lifestyle, behaviour and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and trauma.

Group therapy is a cornerstone of addiction treatment. You will start this with other residents and try role-playing, sober socialising and group sharing. These will be useful skills in the future and help you get used to support groups.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Counselling


A year of free help is offered by all of the drug and alcohol rehabs in Perth that we recommend. The clinic will also help you to find local support groups including the Perth AA (alcoholics anonymous) and Perth NA (narcotics anonymous) amongst others.

There are several addiction services in and near Perth:

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