What Is Alcohol Or Drug Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is short for alcohol rehabilitation. In other words, Rehab means the process of getting your life back in order. This is a process which should be tackled with professional help. It is a quicker and more solid treatment in an alcohol treatment centre.

Rehab becomes necessary when you cannot get free from alcohol on your own, and you have lost control of your situation. Usually, this means you have become dependent on alcohol, probably as the result of alcoholism. So, Rehab is specifically about taking responsibility for your situation by admitting you need alcohol help.

Nobody can make you go into addictions rehab without your agreement. More to the point, you will never move on from your alcohol problem until you commit yourself to do so – sincerely and completely.

Rehab does not always involve residential rehab. However, it does demand a period in which you ‘clear the decks’ and focus completely on getting professional help for drink or drug problems. John Lennon called this ‘Clean-Up Time’. Rehab then becomes a bridge leading you away from personal chaos and into addiction recovery.

During Rehab you need daily help to get a safe and effective alcohol detox. However, alcohol detox is only a part of the process:

  1. You need qualified help and support to identify and change the patterns of thinking and behaviour that lead you to abuse alcohol in the first place.
  2. Most people entering Rehab also need professional help and support to deal with specific health and social problems. These usually include ongoing difficulties with emotions and conflicts with families and employers.
  3. As you move into recovery, you have to get appropriate guidance for your aftercare planning.
  4. Finally, you need support and encouragement while you get used to attending recovery meetings.

Bear in mind that alcohol rehab is rarely made available through the public health system (which is the NHS in the UK). In fact, fewer than 1 in 25 people in the UK seeking to get free from alcohol or drug problems gets the opportunity to go into Rehab.* As a result, alcohol treatment clinics offer most people the best chance for effective alcohol rehab.

Rehab Guide can help you decide which form of alcohol rehab will be most appropriate and most effective for your own circumstances, then put you in touch with the people you need to know. Contact us now for more information and advice.

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