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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Carlisle

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Carlisle

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Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Carlisle

Begin your recovery journey today. Beating drug and alcohol addiction may be one of the most challenging journeys we can take, especially without the necessary support network. Whether it is for you or someone close, it is important to remember that a big part of battling addiction is finding the rehab centre that fits you the most, and that starts by looking at all of your available options. Various therapies and drug and alcohol rehab centres in Carlisle can help you decide which route to take.

How Does Rehab Work?

The rehabilitation process is designed to help individuals regain their mental health and overall quality of life. Rehab involves patient-focused therapies tackling behaviours linked to drug and alcohol use, including introducing coping strategies while providing support services to help you avoid relapsing after rehabilitation. Individuals are taught how to avoid relapse and have the option of entering a rehab programme. There are also residential rehabs, which require the individual to remain at a chosen facility or recovery centre 24 hours a day. Outpatient clients can still maintain their work commitments while partaking in therapy sessions and group work.

What Happens During Residential Rehab?

Rehab is a courageous step towards recovery. Moving away from addictive behaviours on your own can be very difficult, but a substance-free life is possible with the right support through professional intervention. Rehab can sound scary to some people, as many may find rehab to be the unknown. A breakdown of the process may help put your mind at ease.

Rehabilitation starts with an assessment carried out by an experienced medical professional. The objective is to explore your substance use story and whether any pre-existing medical conditions are present. This includes any co-diagnoses such as mental health disorders that may require specialised treatment. 

These assessments are followed by alcohol or drug detoxification. Individuals who enter detox will begin withdrawing from substances, including alcohol, as the body gradually returns to a normal functioning state. When the body no longer contains any traces of the substance, the individual will participate in the treatment plan discussed at the assessment. The timeline of this process will differ depending on the type of drug used and how long the individual was dependent.

During rehab, patients will receive therapy. Therapy consists of individual counselling, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Art Therapy through one-to-one or group sessions. You can get therapy on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

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Completing a medical assessment is the initial step to receiving the appropriate treatment in rehab. If you are interested in residential rehab, you will receive a telephone assessment from one of the admissions team. The assessment will provide the treatment facility with the information needed to develop a unique treatment plan for you. The medical support staff will also have the information to see clients through the detox process.

After this initial process, a medical assessment has to be completed. These assessments will guide your therapy, as they will give staff all the information they need to develop a personal treatment plan and advise on the appropriate intervention.


Before therapy, a detox will be completed. The detox will often occur in a private clinic, where individuals can receive round-the-clock care to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

It is recommended that individuals be supported through a medical detox by experienced staff to be readily available to help them through the withdrawal process. Through the process, as the substance is removed, you may experience intense withdrawal symptoms, and without professional help around you, there is a higher risk of relapsing.


After the medical assessment and detox are all complete, only then will you begin the therapy sessions. The kind of therapeutic intervention service you receive will differ on whether you are in a residential rehab or an outpatient, which depends on your budget and life commitments. What are the most common therapies you can expect at a treatment centre? Well, there will most likely be the traditional therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, Trauma Therapies, and person-centred Therapy. All of these can be varied through one-on-one counselling, along with the option of group sessions, if preferred.

How Much Does Rehab Services Cost in Carlisle?

The usual cost of residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment is between £1500- £4000 a week. This kind of private rehab may not be accessible to all. However, charity and governmental organisations provide free or low-cost programmes.

These services include NHS and the well-known charity Turning Point, but they will require a self-referral before any therapy can commence. There are also many other affordable services (such as private counselling), free therapies, and community-supported programmes for those with drug or alcohol addiction. These groups include AA or Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous.

Free Rehab Services in Carlisle

Below are some free services in and around the Carlisle area. Any of these organisations would be glad to hear from you. If you are not sure what may be suitable for you and your situation, please do not hesitate to call our team at Rehab Guide, and they will do their best to point you in the right direction. Our team has extensive experience with both addiction and any services related to rehabilitation. We can be contacted by phone, email or our online chat service anytime.

CADAS – 3-5 Victoria Place, Carlisle CA1 1EJ

Contact Adult Social Care – 3rd Floor, Cumbria House, 117 Botchergate, Carlisle, CA1 1RD

Drug & Alcohol recovery – Cumbria Gateway, Venue Botchergate, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 1SH

North Cumbria University Hospital – Newtown Rd, Carlisle, CA2 7HY

Choosing a Rehab in Carlisle

Despite its size, there are several rehab options in Carlisle. If you need help choosing and arranging rehab, our team can help. We can also assist in interventions to persuade a loved one to accept help and deal with their addiction.


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