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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Inverness

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Inverness

Addiction Treatment in Inverness

Making the decision to enter rehab and recover from addiction can be challenging. Rehab Guide can provide advice and guidance for people looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Inverness and all over Scotland.

Our advisors help you find the right balance between breathing space and closeness to your support network during your recovery.

Inverness City

Why Choose Inverness for Rehab?

With so many rehab centers available in Scotland and the UK as well as further afield in Europe, deciding where to go can be a tough choice. The most important thing is that you get the right treatment for your addiction. You should also make sure that the ethos of the rehab matches your own beliefs and ideas about how you want to recover.

After this, you can consider location the next big factor. There are two situations most people are in:

You want to stay close to home because you have a strong support network there. It is easier to be somewhere familiar and where friends and family can visit and attend therapy with you. If this is the case and you live in or around Inverness then we can recommend several excellent rehabs in the area and throughout Scotland.

Your local environment is toxic and part of the reason you need rehab. For many of us, the people we spend time with and live with or near are part of the reason we drink or take drugs.

If those you live with or friends don’t support your recovery, or worse, may encourage you to drink or take drugs, you need to get away.

If you live in Inverness we can help you find and get to rehabs throughout Scotland or further away in the UK or Europe. This gives you time, space and an alcohol-free environment for your recovery.

Rehabilitation Centres

When you make the decision to enter rehab, it is important to seize the moment. A fast admission can make all the difference. For those looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Inverness, we have access to several rehab centres close by in Scotland. These rehab clinics offer clients privacy and space for recovery, while still being easily accessible.

We pride ourselves on offering you the best advice when it comes to finding the best alcohol rehab treatment based on your own personal circumstance. As required we can also place clients in rehab centres with a program for a medical detox in Inverness. This is often an essential first step for those suffering from long-term drug and alcohol addiction. A medical detox centre near Inverness means that you can be placed on a treatment program to manage withdrawal symptoms immediately.

Rehab Treatment in Inverness

Tranquil surroundings and access to the outdoors make drug and alcohol treatment in Scotland very popular. People suffering from addiction come from all over the U.K. to rehab centres in Scotland.

If you are struggling with addiction, then Rehab Guide can place you in a quiet, peaceful rehab clinic that is still convenient for your loved ones to visit and offer you support.

Thanks to Scotland’s popularity for drug and alcohol recovery there are a number of drug and alcohol rehab centres near Inverness. You will also find there are many specialists in addiction treatment in Inverness and throughout Scotland.

This means you are more likely to find therapy for your specific addiction and mental and physical health issues here.

Addiction Nurse Rehab

Addiction Treatment Plans

The rehab centres close to Inverness can offer a range of addiction treatments including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, health and fitness programs and holistic therapies.

Alcohol Detox

It is the shortest part of rehab but detox can be the hardest. Stopping drinking or taking drugs can seem like the biggest hurdle even if you have done it before. Many with an addiction explain that while they desperately want to be free they simply can’t stop.

The reasons for this are partly psychological but also physical. Withdrawal symptoms can be a huge challenge. When you drink too much for a long time your body gets used to it and cannot cope when you stop.

The cravings are a big part of this, where your body cries out for alcohol. It is a strong urge and the best place to be is an alcohol and drug-free rehab when this happens. The staff will support and encourage you in staying away from drinking.

Part of all alcohol treatment in Inverness will be a medical detox. This means that your withdrawal will be managed with medications. Reduced cravings and less uncomfortable side effects mean you can feel the benefit of stopping and reducing your chances of relapse.


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Rehabilitation and Therapy

The physical addiction might seem the most intimidating to stop but the psychological and lifestyle changes take the most work.

If you want your recovery to be long-term you will need to make some significant changes. Therapy is the gateway to improving and altering your behaviour and thinking patterns to stop drinking or taking drugs.

Addiction treatment means healing your problem and finding a new positive way of living.

Group therapy will help you to learn and practice new behaviour and how to react to triggers and tough situations. One to one counselling, usually CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), will deal with personal issues and any mental health problems.

Group also prepares you for attending support groups. This is highly encouraged as it gives you access to therapy and also a new group of sober friends. You will find the AA Inverness and SMART Recovery Inverness offer several meetings throughout the week.

Rehab Therapy Group in Inverness


These centres are also well placed to provide effective aftercare once you head back home to Inverness, with local support meeting connections to keep you on the path to addiction recovery.


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