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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Largs

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Largs

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Largs

If you are looking to recover with peace, beautiful seaside and a range of specialist drug and alcohol rehab, Largs has everything you are searching for. When you start looking for rehab centres nearby or further afield, you may have little idea what you need apart from help.

Addiction is a complicated condition, and not every rehab centre in Largs or the wider UK will be suitable for you or a loved one or their addiction. We hope to guide you to the rehab clinic that will provide the treatment you need and make you feel comfortable and at home while you recover. Rehab Guide provides expert advice on the drug and alcohol rehab Largs has available including detox and residential treatment.

What is Rehab in Largs Like?

There are several excellent rehab centres in and around Largs which provide for a range of addiction and accommodation needs. You can choose between rehab in the centre of Largs; these are mostly rehabs converted from townhouses and former residences or hotels. There is also the option of a more rural rehab in the countryside surrounding Largs, North Ayrshire. All the rehab we recommend will be fully abstinent and self-contained. Rooms, meals and treatment will all be carried out inside the rehab building. This means that you will not have to leave the rehab centre if you don’t want to.

The area is ideal for those in need of rehab; the surroundings are peaceful but still lively and perfect for finding new interests and activities. The beaches, small shops and cafes make for an interesting day out with visiting friends and family. The national sports centre is also in Largs. A substantial part of rehabilitation is recovering from the damage done to your body and finding new healthier pursuits. Many choose exercise or more relaxed pursuits such as meditation, art or nature walks. You will be able to choose excursions with your counsellors and other residents to enjoy socialising in a sober setting.

Rehab Treatment Largs

Many who want to escape drug or alcohol addiction wonder what could help them get there. The heart of rehab is the treatment you receive. The process is fairly standardised and is made up of detox followed by a therapy program and physical and emotional recuperation. All the rehabs in Largs we work with offer this type of program. So, what is there to decide about? Rehab clinics are focused on treating addiction, so this expertise will be in any rehab in Largs you attend. However, many rehab centres specialise in treatment for specific addictions. Alcohol is the most widely treated addiction, and most centres will help with this issue. The most complex treatment is during the detox period when it comes to drug addiction. You will certainly want a medical detox if you have been severely addicted to cocaine, heroin, or another highly addictive drug.

Medical detox is available in all rehab clinics we recommend in Largs. However, it can be helpful to find a rehab with a doctor and counsellors who specialise in these particular issues. This will improve the management of your withdrawal symptoms and help you with more effective therapy.  The social side of treatment is a vital part of your addiction rehabilitation. Group therapy in rehab gives you the opportunity to share with others having the same experience as you. Working together, you can change your reactions, behaviour and feelings about your addiction and life in general.

Mental Health Treatment

It may be that your addiction does not stem from behaviour or lifestyle patterns. An underlying mental health condition is a likely cause as well. One in four people in the UK will struggle with their mental health, and it is even more common in those with addictions. It is not possible to treat addiction if you don’t address the mental health concern that is fuelling it.

This can go in two directions; you might drink or use drugs to cope with something such as depression or anxiety. It is also possible your alcohol or drug abuse, stress and lifestyle have contributed to mental health concerns. Either way, the two are deeply connected, and it is vital that you receive treatment for both. A dual diagnosis such as this is available in most rehab clinics in Largs. If this is something you think you might need, let us know when you call our team.

CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is used throughout the counselling and psychological treatment world. Therapists use it to help everything from post-traumatic stress to depression and addiction. This type of therapy will support you in changing the thought and behaviour patterns that are bringing you issues such as addiction. You will be able to apply the principles of CBT in your daily life and continue your work in a support group after rehab.

Heading Home After Rehab

Having looked at the steps we take in residential rehab, we will now consider the final and arguably most important stage: the rest of your life. Our policy and the approach of any reputable rehab will be that those with an addiction can never return to casual drinking or use. This may seem extreme, but during your time in rehab your reflections will likely guide you towards this understanding.

Any rehab in Largs we recommend will take on the mantle of supporting you long after you say goodbye to your time in rehabilitation. A year of aftercare is included with your residential rehab. You will be able to have counselling, group meetings and work on your ongoing recovery plan. It can be reassuring to know there is always someone at the other end of the phone when you are struggling. Your counsellors will start this process in rehab. Making a post-rehab plan and choosing a support group nearby or online will be a huge boost to your success.

Free Rehab Largs

In the UK, two forms of rehab exist, residential rehab and outpatient rehab. These two come in a few different forms with in-between measures such as medical home detox, paid private counselling, and available medical intervention support. These aim to help those for whom residential rehab is not possible due to family or work commitments. We can help you find a rehab within most budgets, especially if you can ask friends, family, or insurers for financial help.

However, if, for some reason, private residential rehab is not an option for you, there are free services to help. The NHS provides very few residential rehab beds, and likely, if you go to your doctor, you will be offered outpatient rehab. These services are usually free, although you can pay to get some help more quickly. The good news is if you need free rehab, Largs has an amazing group that can help you.

North Ayrshire Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service (NADARS) 01294 476000

This community group can help with prescriptions, counselling, mental health treatment, and group therapy.

Getting to Rehab in Largs

If you live in or around Largs, the rehab in this area will provide sober transport to the clinic for admission. You can bring a supportive friend or family member with you until you are admitted. Largs is a short (30 min) drive from Glasgow Airport for those coming from further away.

Help Choosing Rehab in Largs

It is important to get rehab right. This not only means the right attitude and approach but the right location, treatment, budget, and ethos. Our team specialise in helping those in need of rehab for themselves or someone they care about to find the ideal rehab centre. We have over 20 years of experience in rehab, counselling and interventions. Our team can provide advice, recommendations or help you convince a loved one to accept help. Call us on 0141 427 3491 today. We work with several of the best rehab clinics Largs has to offer and in wider North Ayrshire including Kilmarnock, Ayr, Saltcoats and Greenock.

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