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Choosing an alcohol rehab centre for you or your loved to attend can be a difficult task. Assessing the level of alcohol rehab treatment you might need is not easy to do if you are not a professional alcohol specialist. 

That is why Rehab Guide has put in place a first class, professional team of staff that will evaluate your or your loved one’s addiction, determine the best course of treatment and the best and most suitable alcohol rehab centre.  Rehab Guide offers many different types of alcohol rehab ranging from outpatient alcohol rehab counselling to partial hospitalisation to inpatient alcohol detox treatment.  The type of rehab needed is determined after a telephone assessment for the person in question has been completed by a Rehab Guide counsellor.

While some individuals may do well in our outpatient program, where they will be taken care of by our nurses and counsellors, there are others that will need a more highly structured professional and 24-hour medical environment that exists in our inpatient Alcohol Rehab Centres.

Our inpatient programs are recommended for individuals that need to be more closely monitored throughout their alcohol detox and for those who want to achieve continuous sobriety. There are also those patients that have medical and psychiatric problems that can hinder or complicate the recovery process. For them, we would highly recommend inpatient treatment in our alcohol rehab centres. Also, an inpatient rehab program will be recommended if you or your loved one has been admitted to alcohol rehab clinics in the past and has not been successful.

The rehab treatment programmes recommended by Rehab Guide will focus on group therapy, educational lectures and videos, recreational therapy and rehabilitation counselling following various philosophies focusing on finding the pathway to recovery that suits the patient’s needs.

In both our 28-day inpatient program, as well as our out-patient alcohol rehab program, we focus on addiction treatment needed on an individual level.  This specialised and unique way to recover is one of the things that sets Rehab Guide’s recommended alcohol rehab centres apart from other treatment facilitators.

What is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol Addiction

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