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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Watton

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Watton

Getting help for Addiction & Substance Abuse in Watton

We recommend when searching for drug and alcohol rehab Watton has several in and around the town with a variety of excellent facilities. The rehab and recovery community is extensive, but if you are new to getting addiction help, it can be a challenge to know to choose.

This is not a small decision. Getting the right treatment and therapy can make or break a person’s recovery. With many in Norfolk needing drug and alcohol rehab, Watton provides various options for those all-important first steps into recovery.

Rehab Guide can provide drug and alcohol rehab and detox for addiction in Watton with quick admission and treatment. Call our expert team today. They specialise in rehab, addiction counselling and interventions. They can help you find a rehab centre that meets your or a loved one’s needs.

Do I need rehab?

There are several reasons to choose an inpatient rehab center in Watton. However, given the time and money investment, it is worth checking if it’s necessary. The best way to determine if you or someone you care about need rehab is by looking for the signs and symptoms of severe addiction. Substance dependence is something that can start mild and generally deteriorates over time. For very severe addictions, we would always recommend staying in a rehab clinic for safety and preserving your relationships and reducing any damage to your reputation and finances.

Below are listed the signs of a severe addiction:

  • Hiding the quantity of drugs or alcohol you take from those around you. Also, downplaying or concealing the damage they are causing to your life, be it financial, work-related, or relationships.
  • Drinking and taking drugs or thinking about it a majority of the day and night. If you wake up wanting alcohol or drugs or craving them throughout the day, you likely have a serious addiction.
  • Stopping drinking and taking drugs only to relapse several times. A rehab free from any alcohol or drugs can be a huge relief if you are struggling to quit despite wanting to.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking what you are addicted to. Medical detox offers you a more comfortable and healthy experience increasing your chances of success.

What treatment is offered in Rehab?

Many who are in the midst of addiction, either themselves or with someone they care about, wonder what possible solution there can be. There is a misconception in the general population that because addiction cannot be ‘cured’, there is no helping addicted people. This couldn’t be further from the truth; this is a condition we treat rather than cure. The treatment programs rehabs follow can vary, and some are better for some addictions and individuals than others.

For example, if you have a severe drug addiction, then withdrawal can be one of the most daunting prospects of recovery. All rehab in Watton that we recommend will offer a medical detox if you want one. This means you can manage the symptoms of withdrawal. Many in rehab say this experience is a world away from previous attempts at quitting without help.

Rehabs provide therapy that covers a wide range of the mainstream treatment provided in addition circles in the last few decades. We only recommend a rehab clinic if they use reputable and modern methods to help their residents. Which you choose will depend on your ideals and ethos toward therapy, mental health and spirituality. Several rehabs offer options in using the 12-step program and other traditional methods. These might include a spiritual theme if the individual is open to that. If this is not of interest to you, there are also rehab centres in Watton that provide only medically and scientifically proven treatment options. The fact is that making an informed choice about which rehab in Watton you stay in can boost your chances of recovery.

Rehab Guide

Mental Health and Addiction

Almost all rehab in Watton will offer psychological therapy as part of your treatment. It is widely believed that behavioural and mental health issues are at the heart of addiction and its grip on you. Chemical addiction is often what those considering recovery find the most concerning hurdle to overcome. However, the psychology behind the dependency must be dealt with to recover long-term.

Behavioural addiction is caused by many factors, including living or working in an environment where drugs or alcohol are prevalent. This can be a friend or family group or simply part of your lifestyle. A rehab will offer CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) which is ideal in treating these kinds of negative patterns and thoughts. Group therapy and role-playing can show you how to change how you react to situations and how you feel under stress or pressure.

Many people have an addiction for reasons that their surroundings cannot easily explain. Often, they have used intoxicants to numb psychological trauma or allow them to temporarily overcome anxiety or depression and in their minds function better. A diagnosis of mental health concerns and addiction together can be freeing. Treating both the addiction and the condition at its root is essential for recovery and healing to begin. In rehab, DBT (Dialectic Behaviour Therapy) and a combination of trauma, anxiety and stress counselling can help resolve these problems in a healthier and longer-term way.

What comes next?

A rehab treatment program in Watton will take everything step by step, first detox and then therapy. There is a third part to rehab, which is looking forward to a life free from addiction. Studies have shown that those who find a better, more fulfilling lifestyle during and after rehab have a lower chance of relapse. This means looking for ways to spend your time, socialise and find happiness away from the well-trod path of drugs and alcohol.

There is little point in pushing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy or find rewarding. The rehab team in Watton will support you in choosing something right for you. Some choose to exercise, others nature walks or art and music therapy. If meditation and yoga are more of your taste, you can often participate in this in-house in the rehab centre. These are ideas and activities you will take with you once you have completed your rehab treatment and return home.


How do you feel about rehab? The answer to this question will change substantially depending on when you ask someone. In the beginning, many people are nervous or reluctant but aware that they need help. Even in the first week, though, most begin to feel the relief of being away from their addiction. By the end of your stay, typically around a month or two months, you may even find you are unsure about leaving. This is a fragile time, and leaving the safe, stress-free rehab space to return to your life can be both exciting and worrying. Any rehab in Watton we recommend will provide a minimum of one year’s free aftercare as part of your rehabilitation package.

This will start with a post-rehab plan outlining your strategy for staying clean and sober long-term. You can include support groups or recovery cafes you intend to use. There is a tremendous number of groups out there, both large organisations and local community groups. The most important thing is that you choose one where you feel comfortable and that the members understand your ideas and plans. The AA or NA (Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous) is the largest, and the individual groups vary, although they are traditionally based on the step-by-step approach. SMART recovery is a more modern, science-based group if this is your preference. If you need free alcohol or drug rehab Watton has a number of excellent charity groups including Catalyst Support and the Norfolk Recovery Partnership.

Rehab Guide

How do I choose rehab?

With so much to consider about rehab, this momentous decision is best made with help and professional guidance. Our team has access to a database of the best rehab in Watton and throughout Norfolk, including Northwich, Kings Lynn, Great Yarmouth, Thetford, Dereham and Taverham. They can provide you with details of rehab that treats your addiction or help in persuading a loved one to accept the help they need. We have specialists in interventions, counselling and rehabilitation treatments. Please call us on 0207 205 2845 for free, confidential help today. If you are looking for a rehab clinic in Watton Norfolk contact us today.

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