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Alcohol Rehab & Drug Detox Support


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Rehab Guide offer a wide selection of alcohol rehab facilities and treatments. All assessed and approved to provide alcohol detox and addictions rehab care of the highest quality and outcomes of recovery.

Our counsellors and therapists are all qualified in the various sectors of addiction treatment rehabilitation and will deliver full assessment on person centred approaches specifically related to the person suffering from addiction problems. All of our staff have extensive experience working with the services we partner with in the drug rehab and alcohol detox centres in UK, Ireland and abroad. Our counsellors all bring their own experience of addiction recovery to work in an effort to help those fighting alcohol and drug addiction, guiding and directing with a great deal of personal empathy through their own life experience of addiction recovery.

We can guide you or a loved one through the process to find the right place and minimising the chances of making a mistake with treatment and cost. No matter the budget, we can help find you clinics and treatment options that are affordable.

All of our alcohol rehabs are either registered hospitals or are fully CQC/SCSWIS approved for the care of clients requiring alcohol detox, heroin detox, rapid opiate detox and the provision of psycho-educational with dual-diagnosis and co-occurring disorders.

The most important part of recovery is the taking of the first step. So take, it and we will make the other steps a lot easier.

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John offers a simple equation for anyone struggling with addiction…


R = A + C


Recovery = Abstinence + Change


Without A Abstinence there will be no C Change


And without C Change there will be no A Abstinence


therefore no R Recovery



At Rehab Guide, our aim is to help people find rehab treatment, and support, for alcohol and drug addiction in the UK.  We know from firsthand experience that the path to recovery from addiction starts with finding the best alcohol treatment centre, drug rehab or addiction clinic.  Addiction is on the rise across the whole of the UK and many rehabs across the country have appeared in recent years, but which one is right for you?


Getting the best alcohol rehab treatment, at the right time, can save your life. Our trained advisers have all the knowledge, experience and information about addiction recovery programmes available.  


Are you an Alcoholic?

Find out more about the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction.


Concerned about your drinking?  Try our online addiction assessment and Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) to find out more.


We can guide you through the various forms of treatment available, alongside private residential rehabilitation, and help you find the most effective treatment package for you. 



Through Rehab Guide you can have your stay in an alcohol rehab or addiction treatment centre, and your travel to the treatment centre, booked with just one phone call.  Getting the help you need to stop drinking has never been easier.  We make the whole process as stress free as possible.



What Makes Rehab Guide Special?


Our counsellors and therapists have extensive experience working with the services we promote in alcohol and drug rehab and detox centres across the UK, Scotland and Ireland.  They also bring their own personal experience of addiction recovery to work in an effort to help those still fighting with alcohol and drug addiction and related health problems.  We have the experience.  We understand what you are going through.  Some of us have personally been in the Alcohol Treatment Centres and Alcohol Clinics we promote, and we owe our sobriety to their programmes.



What is Addiction Rehabilitation?


Being in an addiction treatment centre, or rehab, is the best way to begin a new life of sobriety.  Getting structured, focused care at the very beginning is the bedrock of a successful recovery.  The best alcohol treatment and addiction treatment centres in the UK, and throughout the world, are at your fingertips through Rehab Guide. 


Find out more about residential alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment.



What is Recovery?


Recovery is the name given to the new, clean, sober era of your life. People in recovery have taken the worst that life can throw at them, and… recovered.  For more information on getting into recovery yourself, visit our information on alcohol treatment, help and advice.





At Rehab Guide, we guarantee complete confidentiality.  No contact information, or any other information, will be passed to any third parties without your prior permission. 


We do not record our telephone conversations.  To see our full confidentiality policy, see our service aims and objectives.


The only exception to this confidentiality guarantee is when a life is at risk, it is then essential we pass any information to appropriate, relevant parties.

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