Shocking Real Life Statistics Of Alcohol Addiction

Shocking real life statistics of Alcohol Addiction


Members of society have been rocked by the huge number recently unveiled of premature death statistics which have only yesterday been published on Public Health England’s “Longer Lives Website” and various other health organisations throughout the United Kingdom.

If we are to remain active in trying to support and help address these huge health inequalities, with up to 75% of these premature deaths due to liver disease, then alcohol addiction and the prevention of misuse must feature high upon our agendas. Within the rehabilitation field and alongside local community support groups, it is being seen on a daily basis the devastating impact on the individuals alongside the huge health harms caused by alcohol dependency. More and more people are dying as a result of alcohol and society as a whole recognises the need for the Government to start to focus their efforts and implement measures to urgently tackle this situation before it gets worse.

It is a shared consensus by all who have been affected directly or not through problem drinking that, “There is no 1 simple answer to the UK’s alcohol problems, however it is clearly evident that decisive action must be taken with relevant parties and authorities through placing alcohol services at the top of their agenda in order for local areas to tackle liver disease. With the realisation that minimum pricing upon a unit of alcohol is no longer going ahead, the Government now has to sit up and recognise the active role that residential and community rehabilitation programs play in supporting people to recover, it therefore means that they have a duty of care to ensure that funding is available for these services to continue. Also on an extended basis, there must be a commitment and desire to providing education and relapse prevention programmes that teaches and informs people about the health dangers and impact of alcohol addiction. There also needs to be a commitment from the government and retailers into the promotion and sales of what is now widely considered as super strength alcoholic drinks”.



Alcohol and liver disease (Facts)

  •  The cost to the NHS of alcohol misuse has been estimated at £2.7 billion each year.
  •  In 2012 4,580 people died in England and Wales from alcohol related liver disease.There was a 41% increase in the number of deaths from alcohol related liver disease between 1999 and 2005 and in the last 30 years, mortality has risen over 450% in the UK.
  • In 2012 in total, there were 5,732 alcohol-related deaths in men and 2,992 in women.The process is silent, but when liver disease has developed it presents as an acute illness with a 25-50% immediate mortality.
  • Hospital admissions for alcohol related disease, including alcohol related liver disease, have more than doubled since 1995/6 and between 2005/6 and 2011/12 there was a 71% increase.
  • There is over 800,000 hospital admissions directly related and attributable to alcohol each year.6
  • In Scotland, in 2011/12 there was a 400% increase in patients discharged from hospital with alcohol related liver disease (6,817) compared to 1996.
  • In 2006-7, 1,094 children aged under 18 were admitted to hospital with an alcohol-related diagnosis.
  • Treatment for alcohol related conditions in Scotland costs over £1m a day.


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