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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in North East England

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in North East England

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If you are looking for a professional rehab in North East England, we can help you find somewhere that matches your addiction and meets your personal needs.

What is Residential Rehab?

Residential rehab is an influential style of program. The success of residential rehab is mainly down to the intensity of the program. Which does not mean you won’t have ample time to rest, relax and reflect. The treatment will occur over weeks, sometimes months, in a private and secluded environment.

This is one of the main aspects of residential rehab’s success; it comes without distractions, allowing you to deal with whatever challenges you may face.

Another benefit of attending residential rehab is that it has a highly qualified and dedicated team on hand 24 hours a day.

Rest assured, no matter your concerns with rehab. We will introduce you to a supportive environment. Residential rehab’s primary focus is to help you relax and feel comfortable during your recovery.

Rehab Guide thinks providing a stress-free setting is one of rehab’s most essential and practical parts.

How Long Does Residential Rehab Last?

The length of your stay will depend on what substance you have been using and for how long.

Most treatment programs will last for around 28 days. During this four-week stay, you will undergo an assessment and medical detox.

After the detox, you will begin your custom-designed therapy, which is vital in learning how to manage your addiction in the future.

The minimum amount of time you spend in rehab is not limited to 28 days. However, it could be that you cannot commit to a four-week treatment.
Although, we recommend 28 days minimum for the treatment to have any long-term effect.

What is the Normal Length of Stay in Rehab?

The longer you are in rehab, the more time you will have for reflection, which will also help prepare you for life back home. For some, it is a healthy period to consider the consequences of being addicted, which may encourage you to mend any broken relationships you left behind.

How do I Find a Rehab Closer to Home?

Finding a rehab closer to home can be motivating, especially when your support network is nearby. Having your friends or family nearby can have a psychological edge that can encourage your progress and any moments of doubt.

Rehab Guide will guide you through what local options are available to you. We can talk you through all the treatments you will receive and what to expect.

Suppose you feel apprehensive about undergoing rehab in an isolated environment, such as in a residential program. In that case, we can find another treatment option that may be more suitable. Rehab Guide specialises in; we are here to give you the best options in your local area and beyond to ensure you are in safe hands.

No journey through rehab is the same, and with this in mind, we aim to provide a treatment option that is convenient for you—giving you the best chance of long-term recovery.

What Happens When I Call Rehab Guide?

Our experienced team members will happily take your call and discuss your current situation. Then we will provide an initial free assessment.

During this assessment, we will discuss your options and go through all the local treatment centres that can accommodate you. There is no pressure to commit while on the call. All we want is to help you find the rehab that is most suitable for you.

What is Involved in Rehab?

Although every rehab follows a similar template, every recovery experience is different. There are three basic steps –


When you arrive at the clinic, you will go through an assessment. The assessment will involve a lot of questions. The answers to these questions are vital to creating an effective plan. However, this does not mean the program is set in stone. The program is always open to change, making it more effective in managing the unpredictability of the rehab experience.

Medical Detox

After completing the assessment, you will begin your medical detox treatment.

Medical detox is the safest and most effective way of removing addictive substances from your body.

Medical detox can come with intense withdrawal symptoms that can vary. The symptoms depend heavily on your addiction’s duration and severity, which is why you will be under constant medical supervision throughout the process. This round-the-clock care ensures that any discomfort you feel will be kept to a minimum.

What Happens After Detox?

Once you have settled from medical detox, you will begin therapy sessions. The therapy sessions are there to identify what may have led you to the substance in the first place and learn how to manage cravings and triggers.

Initially, the therapy sessions will be one-to-one, and you will be encouraged to attend group sessions.

Group sessions are critical in helping you form relationships with your peers, which is an opportunity to strengthen your support network with individuals in a similar situation.

When your rehab program has ended, you with receive an aftercare package to help you settle into your daily life.

What Happens When I Leave?

Leaving rehab can be intimidating. It is common to feel apprehensive when leaving rehab for the first time. The aftercare will alleviate any nervous feelings you have. Rehab Guide will be on hand to direct you toward support groups in and around North East England.

What Kind of Support Can I Expect?

Rehab Guide only deals with clinics that can provide aftercare support.

We will direct you to local support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or local charities specialising in family therapy to help you mend broken relationships.

Mending broken relationships can help you move on from the person you were and bring about a fresh start. It can also be essential for maintaining relationships that you have.

If you need an in-between or feel returning home may lead to relapse, then the clinic or our team can recommend a sober living house near you.

Can I Contact Rehab Guide if I am Struggling?

At Rehab Guide, we have a dedicated team that can provide guidance and support to help you adjust to your life outside of rehab.

You can call us anytime for advice, rehab enquiries or general support in times of need.

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