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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Rochester

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Rochester

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Knowing what steps to take when you are ready to tackle your addiction and find rehab in Rochester is easier with expert guidance. Our dedicated team can help you find the right clinic for you or a loved one. We specialise in finding the right rehab in the Rochester area and beyond.

How do I know if rehab is right for me?

If you cannot get through the day without drinking alcohol or whatever substance you happen to be addicted to, then you are dependent on that substance. If this sounds like you, then rehab is right for you.

But asking the question is one thing, but giving a truthful answer is another. It isn’t easy to admit you have an addiction: if you recognise it, you leave yourself at a crossroads. If you go left, you go to rehab; if you go right, you continue drinking. Both directions will result in a challenging route, but one of those routes will lead to a higher quality of life. So what direction are you going to go?

Getting Help for Addiction

Addiction can creep up on you quietly or seem like just a bad habit for a long time. Many people in recovery describe a moment of clarity when they realise they couldn’t continue. This can be a physical or mental experience or come from friends and family asking you to get help.

Alcohol can have detrimental effects on your overall life. So it is vital that you can get the help you need and as soon as possible by contacting our team at Rehab Guide.

Choosing a Rehab in Rochester

As mentioned above, if you cannot get through the day without alcohol and recognise how much it affects your daily life, you are ready for rehab. Those that attend rehab are genuinely ready to make that change towards sobriety.

There is the option of a home-based detox if you feel that your condition is stable and have a dedicated person to take care of you. However, this is only suitable if you feel like the availability of alcohol or drugs outside of an abstinent residence won’t cause you to relapse.

Ready for Rehab

If you are ready to take that step towards sobriety, call our team at Rehab Guide now, and we can answer any questions you have and provide you with a reputable rehab in the Rochester area.

Our team has years of experience dealing with addiction, providing you with the best chance of recovery.

What if I am phoning on behalf of someone else, someone that is denying their addiction?

We receive many calls daily from friends and family members, calling on behalf of a loved one; it is a difficult situation for everyone involved and one we do not take lightly. In fact, at Rehab Guide, we have a dedicated team experienced in intervention.

What is a Rehab Intervention?

An intervention is when someone isn’t ready for what rehab entails but requires rehabilitation. Our intervention team will approach your loved one with patience and care to encourage them to get the care they need and to let them know they have what it takes to get sober.

We take great care in organising interventions. We ensure that your loved one will have the best chance of getting the help they need by gathering as much relevant information as possible from friends and family.

The Rehab Guide intervention team has years of experience providing a practical approach by listening to your loved one and answering any questions about the rehab process.

What can I Expect from Rehab?

You will meet the team supporting you throughout your stay when you arrive at rehab. From there, you will be taken on a tour of the facility and discuss the treatments you will receive.

The first treatment you will have is medical detox. Then, once you have completed medical detox, you will move on to one-to-one sessions with one of our in-house counsellors to identify triggers and understand your addiction.

You will also be encouraged to attend group sessions. Group sessions are important for forming friendships with your peers, something that has the potential to strengthen your support network beyond rehab. But, before any counselling sessions or downtime can occur, you must go through medical detox first.

What is Medical Detox?

Before medical detox can begin, our medical team will learn your medical history to design a program with medications that will make your detox experience the safest, providing you with the best chance of recovery.

All of our rehab facilities in Rochester offer a team of highly qualified doctors, nurses, and psychiatric specialists who carefully monitor you throughout the detox process, ensuring your comfort and safety.

What Happens When I Leave Rehab?

Leaving rehab can be as daunting as arriving. Rehab Guide encourages all its clients to remain in touch with anyone who has impacted their stay, whether a staff member or one of their peers. An aftercare package comes as standard with any rehab in Rochester we recommend.

Maintaining the friendships you make in rehab is vital to your recovery. Rehab Guide also recommends you attend any free services in the Rochester area, such as AA (alcoholics anonymous) or any other charity organisation that works with recovering addicts.

Rehab Guide also recommends finding a hobby or interest to dilute those initial cravings for dopamine, such as hiking, volunteering, running, book clubs, film clubs, music, life drawing classes or even sightseeing.

Some clients have started blogs on food, travel and creative writing. The list of possible interests is endless, so why not explore now that you have all of that energy you once used to process alcohol?

But remember not to put too much pressure on finding a hobby; a hobby is an option; not everyone needs a hobby, and some find solace in a meeting with a friend or a family member for a walk or a meal.

Free addiction services in Rochester

AA Meeting Gillingham

Honeybees Rm, Room 3,

The Sunlight Centre,

Richmond Rd, ME7 1LX

AA Meeting Kent

Church Hall,

St Nicholas Church,

High St, ME2 4TR

AA Meeting Kent

Tudor Room,

The Friars,

Aylesford Priory

ME20 7BX

Please call Rehab Guide today, so we can plan a treatment designed to get your life back on track. Our experts are available 24/7 to advise you on the rehab options available in Rochester.

Most of our staff at Rehab Guide have been in rehab themselves, so there is no one better to understand your situation.

We are here to put your mind at ease by providing reliable services that cover counselling, interventions, and advice on how the rehab process works.

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