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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Henley in Arden

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Henley in Arden

If you are here reading this page, it’s probably because you or someone close is ready to tackle their addiction. At Rehab Guide, we understand that it can be challenging to know where to start, so we specialise in making it easy to find a Rehab clinic in Henley in Arden that is right for you.

We want you to be happy with the clinic you choose; Rehab Guide has ensured that all of its practising Rehab clinics in Henley in Arden are ready to meet the needs of all of the clients that walk through the door by providing you with a support team that is willing to go the extra mile in helping you achieve sobriety.

If you are ready to end your addiction, please call Rehab Guide now to learn more about our range of clinics in Henley in Arden.

I have found a Rehab in Henley in Arden that I wish to attend. What now?

Once you have found the clinic that is ideal for you, we will make the arrangements to get you there as soon as possible. If the clinic you are interested in is fully booked, we will discuss alternative options nearby.

When we have a set date and time that is suitable for you, then all you have to do is turn up.

What happens when I arrive for my first day in Rehab?

On arrival, you will be met by one of the members of your support team, who will be happy to show you around the clinic and the surrounding grounds to get a feel for the environment and atmosphere. During this time, you can ask any questions about the program and what you can expect in the coming days.

After the general meeting with your support team, you will be given time to settle in your room and unpack before beginning Medical detox.

What does a Medical Detox involve?

Medical Detox is the safest way to rid the body of addictive substances. Our experienced Medical team, comprised of Doctors and Nurses, will ensure you are safe and comfortable by providing around-the-clock supervision and suitable medications to make the Medical Detox as comfortable as possible.

Our in-house Medical staff will only prescribe Detox medications that coincide with your current medication. All decisions on medications will be made in communication with your GP.

How long does a Medical Detox last?

Medical Detoxes typically last around 7 days. On average, this is the amount of time needed to detox the body entirely from addictive substances.

There are some rare circumstances when some clients may need more time, but it all depends on current health, the kind of substance used, and for how long.

After completing your Medical Detox, it is time to start the rest of your program. You will begin by attending counselling sessions to enlighten your awareness of the origins of your addictive nature and how to handle cravings after detox and triggers in Rehab and the outside world.

What kind of Rehab counselling will I be getting in Henley in Arden?

There are several different counselling techniques used in the world today. At Rehab Guide, we have amalgamated these techniques so that you can experience a full range of approaches relevant to your situation, called the Person-centred approach.

The Person-centred approach is a plan designed around you. It is open to adaptation depending on what changes occur during your stay. For example, suppose you feel that your counselling sessions are not working. In that case, you can talk to your counsellor and discuss what changes you could make so that your experience in Rehab can be more effective.

You will also be encouraged to attend Group counselling sessions. Group sessions are essential in building confidence and making new friends who are in a similar situation.

But it isn’t all counselling and detox. Rehab Guide understands the need for downtime and the potential to find new interests. At our Rehabs in Henley in Arden, we have a full range of activities available, including; Yoga, Meditation and mindfulness classes, quiet spaces for contemplation or reading, and ample space around the clinic for walks alone or with friends and family.

Activity availability will vary from clinic to clinic. Please call our team today to learn more about what is available.

What happens when it is time to leave Rehab?

Leaving an intense rehabilitation program to return to a life where triggers could linger in every corner can seem daunting. But we can assure you that you do not leave Rehab alone.

Your support team will provide information on all the free addiction services in the Henley in Arden area and who will be happy to have you.

Our Rehab programs are designed to prepare you for life outside Rehab. We also encourage our clients to remain in touch with staff and their peers.

Attending aftercare services regularly and consistently will reduce your chances of relapse significantly. Therefore, it is vital to your long-term sobriety.

Here are some free services in and around the Henley in Arden area.

AA Meeting Rugby

Friends Meeting House,

28 Regent Place

CV21 2PN

AA Meeting Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa

St Peter’s Church Hall (upstairs),

Dormer Place

CV32 5AA


28 Regent Place

RugbyWarwickshire CV21 2PN

Blue Sky Centre

The Blue Sky Centre George Eliot Hospital,

College Street,



CV10 7DJ


Valiant Office Suites

Lumonics House

Valley Drive

CV21 1TQ

Please call Rehab Guide today, so we can plan a treatment designed to get your life back on track. Our experts are available 24/7 to advise you on the rehab options in Henley in Arden.

Most of our staff at Rehab Guide have been in Rehab themselves, so there is no one better to understand your situation.

We are here to put your mind at ease by providing reliable services that cover counselling, interventions, and advice on how the rehab process works.

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