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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Kings Lynn

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Kings Lynn

Choosing a Rehab that is right for you can be difficult. That is why our staff at Rehab Guide can talk you through all the available options in the Kings Lynn area and beyond.

At Rehab Guide, we specialise in finding a clinic that suits your wants and needs. Our priority is finding a Rehab with experienced staff to support you throughout your program.

How can I speak to Rehab Guide about my Rehab options in Kings Lynn?

Our staff can be contacted twenty-four hours a day. We understand that not everyone feels like talking on the phone, so we also have the option of email and an online chat.

We are here to discuss your options; we are not here to pressure you into a clinic. Rehab Guide wants to inform you about the Rehab programs and clinics in the Kings Lynn area. While encouraging you to get the help you need to sober safely and comfortably.

What happens when I have arranged to attend Rehab?

Suppose you have confirmed your availability with our team and have decided on a clinic in the area. In that case, we will go ahead and make all the arrangements. We aim to get you into Rehab as soon as possible.

What happens on my first day at Rehab in Kings Lynn?

As soon as you arrive at the clinic, you will be greeted by a support team member, who will give you a grand tour of the Rehab unit and a chance to discuss your program and what to expect from the coming days.

In addition, you are welcome to ask your support team questions about your imminent Medical Detox and confide in them with any concerns you may have.

Medical Detox

Medical Detox is the necessary gateway to attaining sobriety. It is simply not possible to have a practical stay in Rehabilitation without going through the process of a Medical Detox.

Many of our clients need more clarification about the experience of a Medical Detox due to the reputation of withdrawal symptoms. Still, with our experienced in-house Medical professionals that can provide you with medication designed to minimise withdrawal symptoms, you are safe.

Our staff team of Doctors and nurses will consult your medical history and GP before prescribing any Detox medications. They will also be there around the clock to ensure you are safe and comfortable.

How long does Medical Detox last?

Medical Detox, on average, will last around 7 days, depending on the substance used and for how long. In addition, there are unusual cases that will need a more prolonged spell of Detox.

What happens once I have completed my Medical Detox?

You can begin your counselling program once you have completed your Medical Detox. All of our counselling programs are designed around you.

We used varied therapy techniques and amalgamated them into a customised plan with the best chance of getting you sober.

All counselling methods tackle triggers and the factors behind your addictive habits.

To begin with, you will attend one-to-one counselling sessions, allowing you to build awareness and confidence. Then, you will be encouraged to participate in the Group sessions to further develop your confidence and allow you to make friends, strengthening your support network.

Other activities available in our Rehabs in Kings Lynn

While we do have to put the work in, downtime is also significant to that process. For example, our Rehab clinics in Kings Lynn have a variety of activities available, including; Mindfulness and breathing techniques, aromatherapy, art classes, reading rooms and space for privacy and contemplation.

It is worth bearing in mind that the availability of activities will depend on what Rehab you attend in Kind Lynn. So please check what options are available.

Can my family visit me while I’m in Rehab?

Rehab Guide welcomes family visitation as it can make a real difference to our client’s morale. All you have to do is arrange visits from family members with staff, and they will be happy to comply.

What happens once I leave Rehab?

Leaving Rehab may seem just as intimidating as arriving, but your support team will prepare you for your last day from your first. We will ensure you are ready to leave Rehab and arrange for you to attend free addiction services in the Kings Lynn area.

How important is it to attend aftercare?

Rehab Guide highly recommends all of our clients attend aftercare services consistently. Why? Regular attendance to aftercare has proven to dramatically reduce the chances of relapse.

All of the services in the local area of Kings Lynn will be happy to have you. The workers and volunteers have often gone through addiction and Rehab themselves, so they can be a vital resource in your journey.

But it isn’t all meetings and discussions about addiction; there are charity events and spaces for socialising and finding new hobbies through these organisations.

There are going to be days when you have cravings, they are what we call white knuckle days, and sometimes they can happen when no meetings or events are taking place, so it is worth having a backup, and it can be simple. So, for example, you could walk with a friend or a family member until the cravings subside.

Here are some free services in and around the Kings Lynn area.

AA Meeting Kings Lynn

CGL Building

33 Railway Road

Kings Lynn

PE30 1NF


CGL Building

33 Railway Road

Kings Lynn

PE30 1NF

NA Meeting Kings Lynn

CGL Building

33 Railway Road

Kings Lynn

PE30 1NF

Right Tracks

6-7 Railway Road,

Kings Lynn,


PE30 1NE

Please call Rehab Guide today, so we can plan a treatment designed to get your life back on track. Our experts are available 24/7 to advise you on the rehab options in Kings Lynn.

Most of our staff at Rehab Guide have been in Rehab themselves, so there is no one better to understand your situation.

We are here to put your mind at ease by providing reliable services that cover counselling, interventions, and advice on how the rehab process works.

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